Unwrapped Life's 'The Healer' Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Are Designed to Heal the Oceans

Ever since I first tried shampoo and conditioner bars back in the winter of 2019, I've been hooked.

Not only do they usually smell incredible, but I love that they take up minimal space in the shower while also cutting down on the number of plastic bottles I'm buying. And ever since Lush discontinued my very favorite Godiva shampoo and conditioner bar, I've been very open to trying to new things to discover a replacement fave. 

Enter: Unwrapped Life. The company keeps the environment in mind when it comes to every aspect of their hair and body bars, from manufacturing to packaging and shipping, and for Earth Month, they even released a special bar set called The Healer, with the health of the oceans in mind. The team behind the brand was kind enough to send me The Healer set to try for myself, and I have to say I've discovered yet another hair bar brand to love.

The Healer

Unwrapped Life's hero products are concentrated bars, formulated with all of the ingredients your hair and body need, that are packaged in entirely plastic-free paper wrapping. In fact, even their shipping boxes are eco-friendly. Since only 9% of plastics actually get recycled, they refuse to contribute to that waste and today's throw-it-away culture.

For Earth Month, Unwrapped Life teamed up with Plastic Bank to launch their The Healer shampoo and conditioner bars. Plastic Bank builds recycling ecosystems in coastal communities across the world, creating local jobs while preventing plastic bottles from entering the oceans by reintroducing them to the manufacturing supply chain. To date, Plastic Bank has prevented a billion bottles of ocean plastic.

Throughout the month of April, every set of The Healer bars purchased went toward preventing a thousand plastic bottles from going into the ocean, going toward their goal of preventing over 2.5 million plastic bottles from doing so.

The Healer includes one shampoo bar and one conditioner bar made for normal to dry hair. They're scented with essential oils and full of great ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter while being free of parabens and phthalates. They're typically good for 50 to 75 washes each, replacing two to three 16. oz. bottles of shampoo and conditioner. The set retails for $33.

The Healer Shampoo and Conditioner bar

(via Unwrapped Life)


The Experience

From the minute I laid eyes on my own The Healer shampoo and conditioner bars, I couldn't wait to get to using them. The shampoo bar has a unique white and blue textured look that almost looks like ocean waves, while the conditioner bar is about half the size and looks like a light green puck. Both have a scent reminiscent of a creamsicle, blending vanilla notes with citrus, though lime is the most prominent fragrance.

I got to using the shampoo first. After wetting my hair, I applied the blue shampoo bar directly to it, and it took very little of the bar to quickly form a rich, silky lather. The foam felt super hydrating and nourishing, thanks to being packed with amla oil, which is full of vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for the scalp, hair follicles and the strands themselves, and the result was super clean, super shiny hair.

The Healer Shampoo Bar

(via Unwrapped Life)

When I was finished, I placed it on a bar dish—generously provided by the company—and it was time to test out the conditioner. I started out by applying this bar from mid-length to tip, and quickly discovered that, in addition to smelling lovely, was also great for working out any tangles in my hair after allowing it to soak for a few minutes. A combination of Abyssinian seed, broccoli seed and tamanu oil also left my hair smooth, sleek and voluminous without ever feeling greasy.

The Healer Conditioner Bar

(via Unwrapped Life)

In subsequent washes I've continued loving the ease and fragrance of these bars. I've also discovered that the conditioner is light enough that I actually get an even better effect when I condition all the way from the roots, and after more than two weeks of use, the bars haven't even begun to shrink. I'm glad they'll be sticking around for a while.


Bottom Line

While Unwrapped Life's The Healer bars are a bit pricier than the shampoo and conditioner bars I'm accustomed to, they're well worth it. They leave my hair looking, feeling and smelling fabulous, and the fact that the company is so focused on saving the oceans makes me feel extra good about the brand every time I use them. It's a brand making an impact, and that alone makes them worth trying at least once.

The Healer Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

(via Unwrapped Life)


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