Up-and-Coming Star Alert: Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg is an up-and-coming teen star who is starting to make headlines as the one to watch.

Her latest role is in Colombiana where she plays the child version of Zoe Saldana. According to Hollywood critics, the 12-year-old rocks her performance in the movie and sets up an emotionally charged character for Saldana to step into.

For Saldana to perfect the older version of her character, she studied Amanda's mannerisms so that their performances would match. "It was great to watch her," shared Saldana. "There are so many things we have in common and tapped into about our character. She blew me away. She was so beautiful and so present, but the killer was there, on the prowl. I thought, 'I better bring my game, because she is bringing it.'"

Stenberg might be the next action star, after all, she did do her own stunts in the film.

So what's next for this young soon-to-be starlet?

You can catch her in the adaptation of The Hunger Games where she plays Rue, a role which was originally rumored to be for the 'Whip My Hair' singer, Willow Smith.

We can't wait to see her in the movie when it hits theaters March 23.