5 Upbeat Music Artists You Can Lean on When Gloomy Weather's Got You Down

It's very true that many of us (????????) love wallowing in the moodiness of gloomy seasonal weather.

Throw on some Radiohead and call it a day, many of us are thinking. But we also understand that depending on where you live, the weather can truly become draining, and much more intense than just an overcast sky with light wind. There are times when somber songs just won't make the cut, and we need a little pep to get us out of our seasonal rut.

Woman spinning in autumn leaves

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If you're in need of major vibes this season, keep reading for five musical acts to rely on when gloomy weather's got you down!

1. Fitz & the Tantrums

Live instruments, upbeat melodies, powerful vocals! You pretty much get it all when you take in tunes by Fitz & the Tantrums. The band does everything with energy, refusing to take a somber turn with anything they perform. "Out of My League" is our fave, and if you agree, we have a feeling you'll vibe with their other tracks, too.


2. Kesha

Long before dropping the iconic "$" from her name and undergoing a debilitating legal battle with hit-making producer Dr. Luke, Kesha was the unconventional pop star everyone wanted to party with. Her debut 2009 single "TiK ToK" set the tone for heaps of party anthems to come, and her songs just never seem to tire. With the exception of her latest album Rainbow—a reflective compilation of folky songs—each of her other LPs have been pure energetic bliss. Want to dance your cares away? Here's your answer!


3. Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has been around for decades, but her music and vibe is timeless. Her lyrics are empowering, her melodies are pulsating, and there's nothing you'll get from her except positivity. If you're not familiar with this electronic disco queen, get acquainted quick, because she's about to turn your frown upside down.


4. Robyn

Speaking of dance music legends, Robyn is another name you absolutely need on your radar. The singer is so much of an expert at feel-good anthems that even her seemingly sorrowful classic, "Dancing on My Own" is set to a danceable beat. You'll never find a dull moment or solemn melody with this Swedish sensation.


5. Icona Pop

Yep, we're callin' it. Swedes totally own the music scene—namely electronic—and Icona Pop is no exception. You may associate them with their biggest hit, "I Love It," featuring Charli XCX, but they've got a whole slew of peppy tracks in that same vein that are sure to liven your spirits.


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