THIS Is How You Stand Out At Prom

Why wear a bland, traditional prom dress when you can create something unique that no one else has seen before? These teens took their fashion fates into their own hands by turning trash into something totally stylish. What do you think of these upcycled looks?

Technically this was a grad dress, but it would totally double as one for prom! This teen decided to construct her dress out of her old pre-calc homework and donate what she would have spent on a graduation dress to The Malala Fund.

Every year, Duck Tape holds a Stuck At Prom Scholarship contest to find the best duct tape prom dress. This super talented winner took first year in 2014. All of that work really shows!

Here's another blue ribbon winner. This girl's dress took first place in The Free press's newspaper prom dress contest. We particularly love the comic book skirt.

This teen's family must have eaten a LOT of candy to help her collect enough wrappers to make this delectable Starburst dress.

Maura Pozek is a master of the beautiful upcycle. In addition to making a dress from ribbon and soda tabs, in subsequent years she wore a handmade Doritos dress, then one made of cardboard, to prom.

Brie Fainblit put her own unique spin on the soda tab dress.

Teen Courtney Barich vowed to wear a burlap sack to prom if her classmates made donations to a local orphanage. She raised more than her $10,000 goal, and a designer even helped her transform the burlap sack into something gorgeous in time for prom.

Absolutely anything can become a glorious prom dress, as evidenced by these plastic bags.

This teen couldn't find her dream prom dress, so she made one herself, painting Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on an inexpensive white dress.

Perhaps the most unexpected of these crazy dresses is this one made from Taco Bell hot sauce packets. Someone likes their food spicy!

Which of these dresses is totally you? What trash would you love to turn into a prom dress? Tell us in the comments!