Upcycle Your Oversized Tees Into 90s-Style Crop-Top Tanks

A lot of us have old, oversized tee shirts around the house. We can't seem to part with them, but they don't really fit into our daily wardrobes, either. If this sounds like you, we've got a solution in the form of a simple 90s-style crop-top tank tutorial.A quick, easy tutorial for a upcycled tee transformed into a tying crop-top tank

Today's DIY is super easy. The 90s are totally in, and you can create your own retro tank with just a handy pair of scissors and an oversized tee.

1. First, cut your sleeves and neckline as desired. Then decide how low you want the tie to be. From that height, cut toward the middle from both sides, creating a V shape as pictured. Then cut in a straight line from the bottom of the V to the desired height.

2. Once everything's cut to your liking, simply tie the two loose bottoms of your tank into a cute knot. Voila! Your shirt is complete and ready to go out on the town.

Let us know if you try it out in the comments below, and share your results with us at Sweety High. Also feel free to let us know what kind of tutorials you'd like to see next. We love to hear from you!