Upcycle Your Clothes with Cimorelli!

Looking for some great ways to change up your wardrobe in 2014 without spending too much money? Cimorelli recently shared a video of six ways to upcycle your clothes!Upcycle Your Clothes

In the new video, each sister shared her own money-saving fashion advice and told us how to make the most of our existing apparel!

Christina suggested wearing tights and a pair of boots with your favorite summer shorts and skirts to create cute and warm outfits for the fall and winter! Different pairs of funky rights can even help you make a bunch of unique outfits wearing the same dress!

Katherine explained that she loves to use Pinterest for outfit ideas! By surfing the cute combinations others have come up with, she can use her own existing wardrobe to put together outfits she's never thought up on her own!

Lisa recommends buying a couple of new accessories to update existing outfits with a fresh look, while Amy loves adding a denim vest and a pair of cowboy boots to all of her favorite looks!

Lauren went with a DIY jean shorts concept. If you have a pair of jeans that still fit around the waist but fit oddly elsewhere, cut off the legs to convert them into jean shorts! Then, you can add lace, studs, bleach and dip-dye until they suit your personality!

Lastly, Dani's advice was to take dresses that no longer fit, and cut off the top part to wear as a new shirt or blouse tucked into your favorite skirt! You can also make bows and other accessories out of the excess fabric!

Which fashion recommendation was your favorite? Tell us at Sweety High, and be sure to join us for even more awesome Cimorelli news!