I Booked a Facial Through the Upkeep App, and I'm Never Turning Back

I'm a gal who loves getting facials and treatments on my skin.

Seriously—what's not to love? However, over my years of trying out different treatments and offerings, I've learned that all spas are definitely not created equal. That's where the new beauty booking app Upkeep comes into play. They take the guesswork out of deciding what spas to trust and can hook you up with vetted, trusted med spas in your area.

Upkeep was kind enough to provide me with a code to do just that, and after trying it out for myself, I'm completely hooked. Here's how my experience went!

The App

Upkeep is a beauty booking app where you can schedule all sorts of services and treatments. From facials to lasering, injections and more, the app has everything you could ever need. But my favorite part has to be that they only set you up with trusted med spas. I can't think of anything worse than walking out of a facial feeling like my skin was just harmed! After taking a chance on the app, I can wholeheartedly say that know exactly what they're doing.

(via Upkeep)


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My Experience

As I mentioned, Upkeep provided me with my very own code, so after downloading the app, I scrolled through the different services available. I decided to go with a HydraFacial because my skin has been going through it lately (ugh, hormonal acne is the worst).

On the app, I selected facials, which then led me to a number of facials to choose from, and the HydraFacial really spoke to me. It was $250 (at any provider in my area) and I opted to go to a local med spa, A Little Touch of Heaven, located in Newport Beach, California.


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I chose an available time on the app, booked it, and before I knew it, the day had finally come. I showed up to my appointment and was asked to fill out some paperwork regarding my skin concerns and other general info, and was promptly taken into a private room to get my facial on.

For the specific HydraFacial I received, my skin went through a number of treatments including cleansing, extractions, serums and blue and red light therapy. The experience was ultra-relaxing and I asked my therapist questions along the way, all of which she answered without hesitation and with tons of knowledge. I felt like I was in safe hands and at the end of the appointment, my skin was legit glowing.

My pores looked refined and blurred, and my pesky impurities were thoroughly extracted and cleansed. I felt ultra-hydrated and walked out of the med spa with a bounce in my step.

But the absolute best part had to be the app. It made everything easy-peasy on my end, and I definitely want to book even more services. Is using it every week overkill?


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Bottom Line

I can't say enough good things about Upkeep. This app has the potential to really blow up, and I hope you'll consider trying it out for yourself. Just download the app (HERE) and book a service. It's as easy as that.


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