If You're All About Cute Pictures of Dogs, This Facebook Page Is for You

It's a well-established fact that we simply don't deserve dogs.

They're cute and cuddly, and just way too pure for us.

Dog in Driver Seat of Truck

(via Facebook @UPSDOGS)

We really don't need any more reasons to fall in love with a man's best friend. At least we thought we didn't, but then we found the UPS Dogs Facebook page.

In case you haven't heard of it, the UPS Dogs page is literally just a place for UPS employees to share photos of the dogs they meet during their work day, which means that it is completely filled with adorable doggos just living their life with their delivery driver pals.

UPS Driver Holding Dog

(via Facebook @UPSDOGS)

The page was started by Sean McCarren, a UPS driver who has been behind the wheel for 17 years. After realizing how incredibly wonderful it was to run into various dogs during his delivery routes, Sean started the page as a way to honor his new canine companions.

Now there are about 30 drivers running the page, and they receive contributions from UPS workers all over the country.

Dog in UPS Worker Costume

(via Facebook @UPSDOGS)

We'll never stop being grateful to Sean for blessing us with this page. It's a place filled with love, happiness, and adorable puppers, and we can't get enough.

Click HERE for more about Sean's vision for the UPS Dogs Facebook.


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