7 Useful Gym Items We Bet You Didn't Realize You Need

When it comes to working out, it's obvi a given that we need the cutest pair of leggings, a hand towel and the right pair of shoes (or just socks, depending on the exercise) to accompany whatever type of fitness we are doing.

But aside from the apparent necessities, we tend to overlook a few additional items that will make our sweat sessions that much more enjoyable during—and after—the time they take place.

Scroll below for a list of products that will make your time in the gym that much better.

1. Hickies Shoe Lace Replacements: $14.99

Nothing at the gym is worse than being on the treadmill, going 10 mph and having your shoelaces flop everywhere after you've triple knotted them. Look no further than Hickies, a one-size-fits-all modular system that keeps your shoes "laced" at all times. And with so many color options, you are guaranteed to find a design that goes perfectly with your shoe pair.

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2. Yuni No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam: $19

There are plenty of times when a quick visit to the gym is followed by class, a date or something else where there is just no time to shower. But save the nose-plugging, because with only a few pumps, this no-rinse body cleansing foam provides everything you need to feel (and smell) clean as a whistle!


3. RickyCare Bungee Hair Hook Set: $7

Ugh, it'such a pain when you're mid-workout and your standard elastic hair-tie is on the verge of falling out. Completing that jump rope interval with your hair falling in your face is. not. fun. That's where these handy bungee hair hooks save the day! They make for a custom, tight-fit ponytail no matter your hair length or texture. Now get back to roping!

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4. Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist: $20

For those on-the-go moments where hair-washing is just not an option, instead of smelling like a sweaty workout, how about a little dash of St. Barths? Your crush will love that straight-from-an-island scent.???? Spritz on top of freshly dry-shampooed hair, and your locks are set!

Bring the essence of St. Barths with you, wherever you go. Soleil Hair Fragrance Mist in L'Air de St. Barths is the perfect finisher for any style. #Fekkai #StBarths #SummerHair

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5. Jaybird Wireless Headphones: $199.95

This latest innovation in headphones will be music to your ears. Jaybird's bluetooth wireless products are specifically designed for cardio and other high-impact forms of fitness, so you don't need to worry about adjusting your ear gear during your next sprint! Added bonuses? These sweat-proof gadgets allow you to listen while you charge!


6. AquaFrut Infuser Water Bottle: $11.99

The most important thing to do during a workout (besides use the equipment properly) is stay hydrated! But we all know that as crucial as water is, it can get a little boring. But then so many flavored energy drinks are chock-full of sugar. We found the perfect happy medium between flavor and health: a fruit infuser water bottle. These guys allow you to stuff whatever fruit, veggie–or heck, anything else–into a little compartment so that the flavors sink into the water without you actually having to eat the food itself. Yum!


7. Punk Sophisticate Namaste Bar Necklace: $115

For the yogis, hit your mat and spread the good vibes in style with this high-end "Namaste" bar necklace. The piece of jewelry hangs right above the collar bone, so you don't need to worry about it interfering with your practice. Dig this item but haven't quite saved up enough allowance to afford it? The brand is offering an exclusive 30% discount to Sweety High readers from now until July 28 on all of their products. Just enter the code "sweety" at checkout!???? And if you're still not convinced to buy it, know that it's blessed with love and magic by a very stylish Mangku (Bali priest)! ????


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