11 Cute Instagram Captions for Celebrating Your Vaccination Selfies

As vaccinations are beginning to become available for people 16 and over in various parts of the country, we're all celebrating.

More vaccinations mean more safety and that sometime soon, things will begin returning to normal and looking a little bit like the world did before the pandemic. While it still may be a minute before everyone can get vaxxed, it's an awesome step in the right direction, and we think that's worth sharing with the world.

Have a pic of yourself getting jabbed? Here are some Instagram captions for sharing the big news.

For when you want your caption to be short, simple and to the point:

"I got the shot."


For the pic including the person who injected you (with their permission, of course):

"Real heroes wear scrubs."


For when you realize just how happy you are to get a shot:

"NEVER been this excited to be stabbed with a needle."


For when you're feeling like a poet:

"Taking up this opportunity for immunity."


For when you've gotten all dressed up to get your shot:

"Just call me the queen of vaccine."


For when you feel like you've been waiting for this moment since March 2020:

"Worth the wait."


For that pic that'proof:

"If you don't post about it, did you even GET vaccinated?"


For vaccine dose one of two:

"Woah, we're halfway there…"

-"Livin' on a Prayer," Bon Jovi


For when you have some big post-vaccination plans:

"Step one: Vaccination. Step two: Vacation."


For the pic of your post-vaccine bandage:

"I only did it for the band-aid."


For when you know you're going to go overboard with the post-vaxx bragging:

"Side effects may include telling EVERYONE I'm vaccinated."


For when your picture doesn't properly capture your delight:

"I promise—under the mask, I'm smiling."


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