Vacuum Cleaner Attacks Cat- Video Pick Of the Day!

This cat might love vacuum cleaners a little too much!

The name of this cat video in Russian translates to "The Cat and the Vacuum Cleaner." What else is there to say?

Cats as a species seem pretty undecided about vacuum cleaners. About half of cats seem to absolutely HATE vacuums, and just the sound of them can send cats running in the opposite direction.

On the other hand, some cats don't seem to mind Roombas, and will actually ride them around the house like a tiny kitten lifeboat.

Other cats seem to be absolutely fascinated by the suction created by a vacuum's hose, and the cat in the video above is no exception! They always seem to get what they're asking for. When the hoses latch onto their faces, they are NOT happy.

The cat in this video seems to think that the vacuum is giving him some kind of massage. As an added bonus, his owners probably never have to brush him!

One common thread between cats who don't hate vacuums is that the vacuums they're used to aren't super loud! Cats hate things that make too much noise, especially if they're big and if they move. They often learn to run the other way at the mere sight of a vacuum cleaner… even if it hasn't been turned on yet!