Definitive Ranking of the Most Popular Valentine's Day Candies

There are many reasons why holidays make up the best days of the year.

For one, we often have the day off from school, but even in cases when we're forced to attend class, the day is made sweeter with fun festivities and delicious desserts.

Valentine's Day is no exception. Even if you don't have a sweetheart, your day can still be just as delectable, thanks to the chocolates and candies associated with this date.

While most sweets will do in our book, there is a clear hierarchy of treats. Continue reading for our definitive ranking of Valentine's Day candy, from least lovable to downright dreamy:

10. Sweethearts Conversation Hearts

Awww, we almost feel bad putting these classic sweets at the bottom of our list. While they are undeniably super cute little sugar morsels, the flavor on these babies just doesn't make the cut. Tart with a chalky texture, Sweethearts unfortunately land themselves last on our list when it comes to the most desired heart-shaped candy. Similar to candy corn on Halloween, these sweets are an annual classic that we just don't really enjoy.

Sweethearts conversation hearts

(via Sweethearts)


9. V-Day Themed Regular Candies

Coming in at 9th place is the array of regular candies that take on a V-Day theme for the holiday. These range from sugary candies to chocolatey bars like Twix and Skittles and Swedish Fish. While we always love these candies, they aren't all that special because they can be purchased year-round. The cute packaging is always a plus, but they just can't rank high on our list since these items lack novelty.

Love Mix Skittles

(via Target)


8. Mini Candy Tins and Boxes

Adorable? Yes. Delicious? Not so much. These mini boxes and tins that hold a small assortment of chocolates are always cute and fun to receive, though they are a tad disappointing on the taste scale. The chocolate often doesn't have much flavor to it and let's just forget the notion of the milk chocolate melting in your mouth. It's more like color-coded wax than quality sweets. But hey, the box always goes the extra mile!

TY chocolate box

(via Target)


7. Chocolate Rose

Chocolate and roses go hand-in-hand on V-Day. Why not combine them both into one sweet stem? These edible roses may have a smaller chocolate-to-gift ratio but they are totally romantic to receive from your crush or S.O. Plus, there's only one time a year when these sweets make their way to shelves, so it's an extra special splurge.

Chocolate rose

(via Target)


6. Valentine's Party Mix Gummy Bears

Now we're getting somewhere. Cute meets tasty with these brand new limited edition Valentine's treats from Project 7. You're probably familiar with their assortment of interestingly flavored gum, but now they have a line of gummy bears that make super sweet V-Day treats. This party mix comes with three flavors, which is a major bonus, and the container is large enough to share with your friends in class. You'll definitely be popular with a jar of these on hand this Feb. 14.

Project 7 gummy bears

(via Project 7)


5.  Giant Hersey's Kiss

The best part about a giant Hersey's kiss is that it makes a statement. Someone has obviously gifted you this enormous treat which really puts the attention on y.o.u. Just as yummy as the traditional kisses, this big sister to the Hershey's brand contains so much more love. While kisses may not be made with the best quality chocolate on the market, it still ranks much higher than previous candies on our list. The kiss is smack dab in the middle of our ranking because it's always a crowd-pleaser.

Giant Hershey's kiss

(via Walmart)


4. Russell Stover Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box

In all honesty, this assorted collection ranks so well because of it's impressive exterior appearance rather than for its sweet contents. Russell Stover doesn't come close to our favorite chocolate, however the extravagant design of the heart-shaped box gets us every year. It's more affordable than other assorted candies, which also puts a smile on our face. We have to admit, high-quality chocolate or not, nothing is as romantic as receiving one of these big boxes on Valentine's Day.

Russell Stover candy box

(via Russell Stover)


3. Heart-Shaped Reese's

Perhaps we're just biased, but when it comes to candy, Reese's ranks right on up there with little drops of heaven. We love Reese's so much and they only get better on holidays when their iconic cup is transformed into a special edition shape. These peanut butter hearts have a much higher pb-to-chocolate ratio than the regular cups which makes these holiday sweets even tastier. 

Reese's heart shaped

(via Target)


2. Ghirardelli Chocolate Valentine's Squares

There's no denying that Ghirardelli brings the chocolate quality game up a very significant notch. These squares are divine to devour any day of the week, however we particularly adore their Valentine's collection which pairs white and milk chocolate together for utter bliss. An added bonus to these bad boys is that each white chocolate heart comes stamped with a sweet phrase, similar to the Sweethearts above, but with much more flavor.

Ghirardelli chocolate squares

(via Target)


1. See's Candy Chocolates

And coming in at No. 1, you guessed it: See's Candy. These boxes are the ultimate well-rounded V-Day treat. You've got the cute aesthetic, the romantic appeal and all of the scrumptious sweetness you could want from an assortment of candies. You know you're going to have a good holiday when you open a heart-shaped box from this famous chocolatier. Rather than rank your Valentine's success on your relationship status, consider a box from See's the best way to spend your day.

See's Candy heart box

(via See's Candy)


We totally won't judge you if you send yourself a heart-shaped box of chocolates this year. In fact, click HERE for the perfect IG captions that completely embrace the single life.