Who Needs Chocolate When You Can Indulge in Lush's New Valentine's Day Collection?

Chocolate may be sweet, but the new Valentine's Day collection from Lush is even sweeter.

Earlier this week, our beloved cosmetic company announced 15 items that are sure to make your list of must-haves for February's day of love. It doesn't matter if you're celebrating with a partner or enjoying your time in the single lane, Lush has given us all a reason to indulge in a little self-love this Valentine's Day.

Originally set to be released on Jan. 19, the new collection from Lush is now available to shop online early. Peep everything Lush has to offer HERE. There's no shame in practicing the self-love a little early for Valentine's Day.

Of course, the collection includes a gloss and lip scrub to ensure that your lips are kissably smooth, as well as the Titsy Totsy bath bomb that allows you to bathe surrounded by real rosebuds. After all, if you're not bathing in a bed of rose petals, are you really treating yourself?

But the real star of this collection has to be the Giant Rose Bombshell. Not only does this bath bomb boast an invigorating floral scent, it's also three times the size of a normal bath bomb. Why buy real flowers when you can soak in a pink tub overflowing with the scent of roses?

In signature Lush style, all the products are just as cute as can be. With light pink colors, heart shapes and clever names, these products are sure to have you falling in love—even if it's only with yourself.


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