Cute Valentine's Day Date Ideas to Do EVEN During COVID

We can all agree that the last year has been strange, to say the least.

Due to COVID, our lives have altered in more ways than one. A lot of us are doing school from home, we can't go out and see our friends as often as we'd like and big gatherings are simply nonexistent. So, what are we supposed to do on Valentine's Day?

If you have an S.O., we're willing to bet you want to have a romantic day with them. Just because we're in the midst of a pandemic, doesn't mean you can't have a fun day with your loved one. Keep reading for some cute Valentine's Day date ideas you can do even during COVID.

1. Have a Romantic Backyard Picnic

If you live in a town that isn't absolutely freezing this time of year, consider having a romantic backyard picnic with your partner. Grab some pillows and blankets, then gather up your favorite snacks and drinks. If you want to make it extra special, make each other your favorite sweets so that there's something you both can enjoy. Make sure you have a portable speaker on hand so that you can play some light tunes in the background. Trust us, this is key!

romantic outdoor picnic

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2. Play Your Favorite Board Games

Sometimes all we want is a lowkey night with our loved one. Why not play some fun board games? Whether it's Monopoly, Twister, Uno or something else, we're willing to bet the two of you will have a night filled with lots of love and laughter. Feel like making it interesting? Whoever wins gets a prize—up to you! Whether it's a back rub, the loser has to clean the dishes or something else, we're sure you'll think of something.


3. Make a Scrapbook Together

Not everyone is very artsy, so we suggest only making a scrapbook with your partner if they're on the more creative side or open to trying new things. This can be a super fun activity because you get to show one another your feelings through photos and art! Make sure to print out a bunch of photos beforehand, and stock up on things like glue, stickers, a journal or book of some sort, pens and whatever else you want to include! We love the idea of adding in mementos like movie tickets, love notes, etc.


4. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

Let's face it, some of us simply aren't meant for a life in the kitchen. However, with the guidance of a professional and your loved one sitting right next to you, what could go wrong? If you and your S.O. are foodies, find a virtual cooking class that meets your needs and get to cooking! Even if it does end up in disaster, you'll have a total blast with your loved one making a mess in the kitchen.

romantic cooking class

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5. Have a Movie Marathon

Whether you're a geek at heart and love Harry Potter, or consider yourself more of a romantic, there's a movie marathon just waiting for you. Talk with your partner about the vibe of movies you're going for and choose! Whether it's a marathon of cheesy rom-coms, Twilight or something vintage like Back to the Future, you simply can't go wrong. Or, if you and your S.O. can't agree, switch off every other movie!


6. Do a Virtual Yoga Class

If you and your partner love staying active, why not enjoy a virtual fitness class with one another? We think yoga is the perfect fit for Valentine's Day, as it will stretch your mind and body. Take it the extra mile by finding a quiet space to enjoy your class and only use natural lighting. Whether it's sunlight, candles or even a fireplace, this will set the mood for one incredible night of yoga and love.


7. Write Each Other Love Letters

Sometimes all we need are words of affirmation from our partner, and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to hear them. Get some nice card stock and pens, and sit down and write each other love letters in front of one another. This is not only super romantic, but you'll get to see their face as they write your letter. Once you exchange, we're willing to bet you'll feel all giddy and want to smother them with hugs and kisses!

love letter valentine's day

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