Decorate Your Home With These Valentine's Day-Themed Goodies

Now that we're at the start of a new year and Christmas is behind us, it's time to start looking forward to Valentine's Day!

If you're a fan of the holiday, like us, we're sure you love to get into the spirit. From deciding on plans for the night to your cute outfit and even decorating the house, there are so many fun things to plan out. Look below for some Valentine's Day-themed goodies we can't wait to decorate our homes with.

Secret Celebrities Love Embroidered Chenille Pillow: $16.99

No word quite describes Valentine's Day like love, which is exactly why we want this pillow. The pillow itself comes in a beautiful blush pink shade and features the word love in a shimmery embroidery. Whether you place it on the couch, your desk chair or even your bed, we think this baby belongs in your home!


(via HomeGoods)


MatthewAndMae Valentine's Day Heart Garland: $14+

This Lover's Day, we're all about decorating our rooms. It helps us stay in the lovey-dovey spirit and just keeps us in a good mood! And when we saw this handmade heart garland on Etsy, we knew it belonged in our lives. Available in multiple lengths, this felt heart garland would look stunning on a mantlepiece or hanging above your bed on the wall.


(via Etsy)


Spritz Lit LED Cupid Stop Here: $15

We don't know about you, but we're total suckers for anything that lights up. This cute sign reads "Cupid Stop Here" and has LED lights, so you just know we're adding it to our shopping carts. Set on a red stand, this pink, white and red piece of decor will bring a smile to your face every time you walk past it.


(via Target)


Rachel Roy Heart Tufts Tassel Throw: $24.99

February can get pretty chilly, and if you're anything like us, you love an excuse to buy yet again another throw. If you're in need of a Valentine's Day-themed blanket, we suggest getting your hands on this baby. With various shades of hearts and tassel details, this handcrafted blanket will not only look cute on your couch or bed, but it's comfy, too!


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TheRustedMagnoliaNY Candy Hearts Jar: $13.99

We don't think we're alone in preferring Valentine's Day candy to Halloween candy. Not only are the colors super cute and girly, but the candies themselves are just way better! That's why we really want to get our hands on this adorable jar that says "candy hearts." Available with different bows and word coloring, this is perfect for housing your favorite V-Day candies.


(via Etsy)


Spritz Metal Chalkboard Heart: $10

You know how people always count down to big holidays like Christmas and New Year's? If you're a die-hard Valentine's Day lover, we think you'll want to buy this chalkboard heart. We love the idea of using it as a countdown until the big day or even for just writing cute little lovers' notes. Plus, it comes with chalk and can easily be hung on a wall.


(via Target)


Love and Cupcakes Xoxo Light Up Plaque: $24.99

"Xoxo" isn't just for Gossip Girl, but Valentine's Day, too! This cute light-up plaque reads "xoxo" and features shades of white, pink and gold‚ÄĒall the traditional colors of the holiday! Made¬†with wood, this fun sign would look great on pretty much any wall and only requires two batteries, meaning there's no ugly cord you have to worry about!


(via HomeGoods)


LukeysCharms Valentine's Day Gnomes: $17.99+

There's just something about gnomes that put a smile on our face, and it's absolutely no different with these cuties from an Etsy shop! Since gnomes are thought to bring love and happiness to homes, it comes as no surprise that they'd be at the center of Valentine's Day decorations. These handmade gnomes would look so cute on your desk, a shelf, your bedside table or truly anywhere else you see fit.


(via Etsy)


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