Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Relationship Stage

Valentine's Day is one of the trickiest holidays to navigate.

At what point in the relationship do you gift your S.O.? Should you give something to your crush? What if your crush doesn't reciprocate? All of these questions are enough to make the best-intentioned gift-giver go running the other way! Fear not, here at Sweety High we've rounded up the best gift ideas and sorted them out according to the stage in the relationship you are in now. Read on for what to gift this Valentine's Day!
Guy giving a girl a Valentine's Day gift

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Gifting your crush can be one of the most nerve-wrecking things to do! You want to subtly let them know you care, but that you don't care too much. A serious gift can turn them off very quickly so you have to find the perfect balance between letting them you know your intentions and not taking it too seriously. For this reason, we recommend quirky gifts that will give both of you a laugh.

1. Giant Gummy Bear: $29.56

Giant Gummy Bear

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This giant gummy bear is the perfect example of what a crush would love to receive. Clocking in at 5 lbs., the sheer size of this candy makes it a funny present. Nevertheless, gifting candy on Valentine's Day keeps the message clear: You think your crush is special.

2. World's Largest Box of Nerd's Candy: $38

Boy holding large box of Nerds cand

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If your crush is a bit of a book worm, you've found the perfect gift! This is the largest box of Nerds candy you will ever get your hands on. It's definitely a conversation starter and a great item to keep on display at home. Added bonus? It's so much candy that it guarantees they will be thinking of you for months while they try to deplete their stash!


Newly Dating

Although gifting somebody that you are newly dating is a bit less nerve-wrecking than gifting a crush, there is still an art to it. You don't want to spend too much cash and you also want to make sure you don't outdo them. The great part about somebody you are newly dating is that you already know some of their likes and dislikes. This gift should communicate that you listen and take into consideration their hobbies and preferences. Here are some gift ideas if you have just started dating your flame.

1. Sports Team Slippers: $24.99

Cowboy's slippers

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Everybody has their favorite football team and knowing your S.O.'s team is just part of a relationship. Use this knowledge to your advantage by gifting your partner something they can really use and love. These team-branded slippers are exactly that! They can be ordered with any sports team logo, meaning you will always find their fave.

2. Music Poster: $18.87

Kanye West

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Another great gift option for somebody you have recently started dating is a music poster. They won't set you back too much, as most are in the $10 range. You can show your S.O. you care by picking a musician or act that you know they majorly dig. What's really great about this gift is that they will most likely display it in their room. This guarantees they think about your thoughtfulness every time they see it.


Long-Term Love

A gift for a long-term S.O. should be personal. It should also be something that symbolizes your relationship. Although this is the easiest category to shop, you must put a lot of thought into what you want to give this person who means the most to you. It has to be something that you know they will treasure for a long time.

1. Picture-Perfect Personalized Pillowcase: $11.84

Pillow with family on it

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This fun gift can really surprise your love. You can pick your favorite image of you two or you can get a little creative and pick a picture of something only you two will understand. This gift will have them thinking about you every time they put their head down to sleep.

2. Customizable Poster: $39.99

Poster with names

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Personalized art can only be gifted to somebody you know very well. This poster is perfect to commemorate a relationship as you can customize it with your names and the date of when you started dating.


Whatever your gift, remember to let your S.O. know how much you care for them on Valentine's Day! Now that we've established love is in the air, click HERE to read about the best new celebrity couple out there!