Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Relationship Stage

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, this certainly isn't a "one size fits all" situation.

Every stage of a romantic relationship requires a finely tuned gift idea that accurately communicates your feelings. There's the crush who you don't want to scare off, the new relationship that's like a budding flower—delicate—and the long-term love who may be expecting an even better gift than last year.

For each of these relationship stages, we've crafted the perfect and creative present to tell your love exactly how you feel. Scroll below to snag up your ideal gift:

Puppy Love Crush

Crushes are so wonderful to have from afar and so frightening to experience up-close. If you finally want to tell your crush how you feel this V-Day, you may want to begin with a subtler approach. We're not talking full secret-admirer status, but rather sweet gifts that allude to something more serious down the road. Pique your crush's interest with the below gift ideas that certainly imply a budding relationship without scaring them off before you get your feelings out.


1. Matching "More Than Friendship" Bracelet: Priceless

A friendship bracelet is always a good gift for a BFF, but take this present up a notch if you want to turn this friendship into something more. Making you and your crush matching bracelets hits the V-Day mark on many levels. For one, the personalized gift shows your crush that you care about them, without being so lovey-dovey that it totally freaks them out. Additionally, the cost weighs in at almost nothing, which means you don't have to drop a pretty penny on this will-they-won't-they crush. Plus, it's a great visual way to tell if they reciprocate your feelings. If they don their gift every day, it's likely your present pulled at their heart strings.


2. Starbucks Gift Card: $10

Getting your crush a coffee shop gift card (conveniently priced for two) is basically like suggesting your first date. You can gift this card in a way that says, "Let's meet for coffee this weekend." It opens up the door for a kindling romance, all while being one of the most popular gifts out there. Who doesn'like getting gift cards?? If coffee isn't their cup of tea, consider movie theater tickets for an even bolder date statement.


Facebook Official Relationship

If you've just made your relationship official on social media, then you may be celebrating your very first Valentine's Day with your S.O. While the feelings are real, the relationship is so new that buying romantic gifts can quickly become a stressful experience. You want a gift that says "Every poem in English class makes me think of you," while refraining from extravagant gestures that imply, "I do." The gifts below speak to the strong feelings you have for your love without overpowering their emotions.


1. Funny Mug Filled With Candy: $14+

What better way to articulate your love than by comparing it to your other greatest love in life—Target? This funny drinkware says it all in a daily morning reminder. Fill the mug with your S.O.'s favorite candies to complete the gift. For a new relationship, you want something that shows off your L-O-V-E while still maintaining a casual touch.

Funny Target love mug

(via Etsy)


2. Homesick Candle: $29.95

Homesick brand candles are designed to recreate a special scent in your heart, whether it's that of a specific state, country or memory. Find your perfect couple candle here. Did you spend a particularly romantic summer together? Snag the Summer Camp candle to remind you both of that carefree time. Perhaps you're a regular at his football games. Go with the Friday Night Football scent. Whether you took a small roadtrip together to a surrounding state or you know he or she has been missing their homestate, pick up a candle that says, "I know you so well."

Road Trip scented candle

(via Homesick)


Long-Term Love

This isn't your first Valentine's Day rodeo. You've done the classic heart-shaped chocolate boxes, the handmade cards and the specially planned dinners for two. This year it's time to get personal. Customize this gift so that it really embodies your relationship, all while being totally romantic. We're talking digging deep into memories of your first dates, your shared favorite moments and all of the couple photos in between. These gifts showcase your creativity and your romantic side.


1. Fandom Custom Couple Portrait: $40+

You doubtlessly have a million couple photos together, so why not take your portraiture up a notch this Valentine's Day? Get your love a custom print decked out in their favorite fandom. Whether they enjoy Harry Potter or have intergalactic interest in Star Wars, you can really make the magic come to life with this gift.

Custom couple Harry Potter print

Custom couple Star Wars print

(via Etsy)


2. "Your" Song Sound Wave: $20.24+

Every couple has a song that speaks to their relationship. Whether it was the song playing when you had your first kiss, or a special tune from your mutual favorite artist, music can really bond our hearts. Get your S.O. a custom sound wave print of your special song on this equally special day. Not only is the aesthetic really cool, but it carries a deeper more romantic meaning. The gesture is a win-win for everybody.

Example song sound wave print

(via Etsy)


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