5 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and that means that your time to get a gift for your girlfriend/partner is running out faster than the heart-shaped candy is flying off the shelves.

But before you head to your nearest drugstore to nab an unnecessarily oversized teddy bear and the biggest batch of balloons your girlfriend will have to carry around campus all day long, check out our list of gifts she probably actually wants from you this V-Day:

1. A Thoughtfully Written Card

When it comes to gifts, effort is everything. It doesn't even have to be an expensive card, but picking one out that you know your gf will love and handwriting a heartwarming note inside is something she'll appreciate more than you might think.

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2. A Printed Photo of the Two of You

Another key to a good Valentine's Day gift? Sentimentality. Print out her favorite photo of the two of you (the first one she posted of you both on Instagram might be a good place to start), pop it in a frame, wrap it up and watch her face light up when she opens up on the day of. Plus, unlike a cheesy stuffed bear or other generic gift, this is something she can actually keep around year-round.


3. Perfume

If you've been dating for a bit longer, feel free to get her a perfume you'll both love the scent of. It doesn't have to be a wildly expensive designer one, either—you can find plenty of amazing options at stores like Zara, Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie and even Target. It's something that will make her think of you every time she sprays it on, and that little extra touch is what makes it such a great gift.

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4. An Experience

An experience is a great gift idea no matter how long you've been dating, as you can go for a bigger adventure (like an actual trip that you plan) if you've been dating for longer or something small yet heartfelt if you're a newer couple. Think things like taking a cooking or painting class together, going on a day trip or buying her tickets to see her favorite band or artist's work at a nearby museum. This type of gift leads to actual memories that you make together, and that's better than any cheap box of chocolates.


5. When in Doubt: A Gift Card

If you're completely clueless and decide to go the gift card route, there's one major caveat to getting this one right: Pick one out to a store you know she'obsessed with. If she's always going on Sephora or Ulta hauls, that's a good choice, or take note of the one store she seems to get all her clothing from or restaurant she always orders from. This one can be a little risky, as your girlfriend might think you just got lazy on gift-giving or don't know her well enough to choose something else, so make sure you choose wisely and try attaching the gift card to an actual card (look back at No. 1 for more inspiration), candle or another small gift to make it more special.

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So, forget the cheap chocolates and overstuffed bears and try giving your girlfriend one of these gifts instead (trust us, she'll be glad you did). And if you need a little extra gift-giving inspiration, check out our list of Valentine's Day gift idea's for her by clicking HERE..