Still Need A V-Day Gift? Turn $1 Into Something Really Special

Finding the right Valentine's Day gift for a friend can be tough, but it doesn't have to cost a lot. They'll love the personal touch of this adorable and easy to create origami dollar heart.

DIY Valentine's Day origami dollar heart

For this tutorial, all you'll need is a crisp $1 bill. You can go with an even bigger bill if you're feeling fancy!

Valentine's Day Heart Tutorial Steps 1-4

1. Take the top right corner and fold diagonally to the left.

2. Unfold and repeat the same process from the other side, folding the top left corner diagonally to the right.

3. Unfold yet again. You should notice that the creases form an X. Starting at the center of that X, fold the top of the bill downward.

4. Unfold again! Use the folds created in steps 1-3 to create a new shape, pushing the middle creases inward and collapsing the corners.

Valentine's Day Heart Tutorial Steps  5-8

5. You should end up with a triangular shape at the top of your bill. Take each of the bottom corners of this triangular shape and fold them both toward the top.

6. You'll see that each of this folded-up triangles has a small opening. Open one of them up and flatten to create a square shape.

7. Repeat this process on the other side.

8. Each of the small squares has open sides on the bottom and in the center. Fold each open side toward the diagonal fold along the center of the square, creating a kind of kite shape, as pictured.

Valentine's Day Heart Tutorial Steps  9-12

9. Now, take one of the shapes created in the last step and flatten at the top.

10. Repeat this process for all four of the folds created in step 8.

11. Now that you've completed this side, rotate the bill 180° and repeat steps 1-10

12. You should end up with something like this.

Valentine's Day Heart Tutorial Steps  13-16

13. Take one half of your heart and fold it over to meet the over half. 

14.. You'll now start to see the heart coming into shape. Fold back the shape above the top of the heart.

15. Tuck in the little corner that sticks out at the bottom

16. And your look is complete… unless you'd like to take it ever further.

Valentine's Day Heart Tutorial Finishing Touches

Additionally, you can also fold in the side corners to give it a more rounded shape. If you'd like, a quarter will also fit perfectly in the space in the middle!

Let us know what you think of this tutorial in the comments below. Also check out more Valentine's Day content in the related stories, and share your own crafts with us at Sweety High.