9 Nail Art Designs You'll Fall In Love With This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is on Saturday, giving you just four days to adorn your nails with the most perfect Valentine's Day nail art for you. Searching for ideas? We found some of our favorite designs from across the web, and whatever your personality, we've got the look for you.

1. The Poet 

In this design, the word "love" is written out in cursive on the accent nail for a look that's both classic and edgy.

2. The Minimalist

If you're on the lookout for something that doesn't get too extravagant, you'll love this design. On the accent nail, simple dots make up a gorgeous and expensive-looking heart.

3. The Romantic

We never thought that nail art could tell a love story, but this design taught us otherwise.

4. The Smarty Pants

This is one for all of you Scrabble (and Words With Friends) friends out there. Wood-colored polish with large bold letters and their number values below are instantly recognizable.

5. The Class Clown

For some, Valentine's Day is all about the candy. This Sweet Hearts nail art is perfect for them! Plus, the messages are totally customizable to your tastes.

6. The Creator

Any medical drama lovers out there? We love this heart monitor-inspired design that's simple but also sophisticated.

7. The Artist

Yes, water-marbling is a complicated process, and we're sure that making it heart-shaped is even tougher, but these red, white and pink nails are phenomenal.

8. The Jock

 Simple can be better. This sweet and fast art is V-Day without the fluff. For the look, simply pant your nails solid red, then use a nail art pen to doodle on a heart once it dries.

9. The Quirky Girl

This smooching Mickey and Minnie nail art is not for amateurs, but it may just be the cutest love-themed nail art we've ever seen. We dare all of your artists out here to give it a try.

Which style will you fall in love with this Valentine's Day?