This Valentine's Day Gift Basket Is Perfect for Those With a Sweet Tooth

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite times of year because I get to eat all the chocolate I want.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, likes more of a mixture of sweets, so a box of truffles is not going to cut it for him. That's why I was so excited when the team at Hickory Farms reached out to me! Their U R Sweet Valentine's Day Gift Basket is full of all sorts of delicious sweets, and I knew it was perfect for my boyfriend's needs. Look below to learn all about the sweets in the box and to find out how we (yes, I made him share) liked it!

The Brand

Hickory Farms makes gift-giving super easy, especially when it comes to Valentine's Day. From candy boxes to charcuterie boards, cupcakes, snacks and more, there are all sorts of gifts to choose from for your loved ones. Personally, I love the packaging of everything! A lot of places don't pay attention to it and focus solely on the food. But that makes it pretty hard to get a good Instagram story.


(via Hickory Farms)


U R Sweet Valentine's Day Gift Basket: $55.99

The basket came with a number of delicious sweets in a beautiful woven basket which I definitely plan on using in the future. Each "treat" was individually wrapped to maintain freshness and included the ingredients on the back so I knew exactly what I was consuming.

Caramel Popcorn

I'm a sucker for popcorn, so I dipped my fingers in this bag first. Lucky for me, my boyfriend isn't a huge fan of popcorn, so this was all mine. It was the perfect mixture of salty and sweet and was coated in tons of caramel. Seriously—I've never tried caramel popcorn that was that coated before!


Peanut Brittle

I like peanut brittle but can never have too much because it always seems to get stuck in my teeth. But I was still more than willing to test it out for the sake of this article! It had a nice crunch to it and the peanuts were plentiful. My boyfriend definitely enjoyed this more than me, but I still found myself reaching for some when it was on the counter.


Cherry Gummy Bears

I don't know about you, but I could go through an entire package of gummy bears without even blinking. And that's exactly what I did with these cherry gummy bears! Lucky for me, the basket came with two bags of gummy bears, so I didn't have to share. The texture was just right—perfectly chewy yet firm. Plus, the cherry flavor didn't disappoint.


Heart Pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels are one of my favorite treats in the world, and when I saw this in the basket, it was the first bag I dug into. The mini heart-shaped pretzels are coated in a thick layer of white chocolate and adorned with sprinkles. The crunch was amazing and my mouth is watering just sitting here thinking about them!


(via Hickory Farms)


Valentine's Jelly Belly Mix

The Jelly Belly mix was one of my boyfriend's favorites of the bunch. With yummy jelly beans and red raspberry hearts to choose from, he practically inhaled the package! I didn't try any from this one, but from the look on his face, I'd say it was pretty dang good!


Pink Saltwater Taffy

Even though taffy is super bad for you, I still find myself eating pieces at a time. And it was no different with these cherry-flavored ones! The mixture of sugar, water, salt, butter and more make for one delicious treat! It was super chewy and full of mouth-punching flavors.


Pink Grapefruit Sours

The basket was supposed to have pink grapefruit sours, but for some reason, I found chocolate-covered cherries in its place. I have no clue why that happened, but I'm not mad about it! Delicious and juicy cherries were covered in thick red-colored chocolate that was to die for. My boyfriend tried to steal these from me but I wouldn't give him a chance!



Again, there must have been some sort of mix-up or something because instead of caramels, my basket was filled with something else—chocolate-covered Oreos. And if you know me you know I love chocolate, so it was actually a pleasant surprise! Oreos on their own are already perfect, but when they're dipped in chocolate? Omg.


(via Hickory Farms)


Bottom Line

Even though I'm a bit confused as to why some of the treats were different than promised on the website, I have absolutely zero complaints. My package not only arrived swiftly but was in perfect condition, too! If you're planning on having the girls over for a Galentine's Day party or want to shower the one you love, I couldn't recommend the U R Sweet Gift Basket from Hickory Farms enough.


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