Thoughtful Valentine's Gifts for the Girl You've Been With Forever

If you've been with your girlfriend forever, not just any old gift will do—especially when it comes to the most romantic holiday of the year.

So what can you do to impress this Valentine's Day? Lucky for you, there are tons of unusual and unexpected options out there that are sure to put a smile on her face. So, whether you're shopping for the special lady in your life, or are a gal yourself at a loss for what to put on your V-Day wish list, these goodies will get the ideas going.

Conscious Coconut Gift Box: $17+

What girl doesn'love glowing skin and hair? Conscious Coconut's products center around just one ingredient—coconut oil—which has all kinds of fantastic benefits for the body. Not only is this gift box stylish, but the luxurious products contained within are your choice, so your loved one can get exactly what suits her best.

Conscious Coconut gift box

(via Conscious Coconut)


Odin Parker Felt Mouse With Heart: $26

We get that not all girls think mice are oh-so-cute, but those who do won't think there's anything sweeter than this adorable felt mouse from Odin Parker, complete with a great big heart between his hands. There's something about the mouse's sweet smile and the fact that the heart is nearly as big as the mouse is what makes our hearts melt when we see it.

Odin Parker felt mouse with heart

(via Odin Parker)


Les Deux No 2 Roll On Perfume Oil: $48 

We won't lie—this one is as much of a gift for the giver as it is for the recipient because it smells so good. Les Deux has three incredible fragrances, but this sweet perfume oil, with notes of amber, jasmine and sandalwood, is a sweet, gently musky scent perfect for everyday wear. She'll want to wear it daily—and you'll want to spend even more time with her when she smells this good.

Les Deux no 2 roll on perfume oil

(via Les Deux)


Delysia Goddess of Love Truffle Collection: $55.95

Delysia Chocolatier's offerings are the polar opposite of the chocolates you can find at the drugstore. This Goddess of Love Truffle Collection, in particular, is exquisitely packaged, with gorgeous Valentine's Day patterns printed on each truffle, and uniquely paired fruity flavors within. These 16 truffles are something to be savored, and sure to impress.

Instagram @delysia choc goddess of love box

(via Delysia Chocolatier)


BROWN GIRL Jane Bahia Peace Eau de Parfum: $62 

BROWN GIRL Jane's Bahia fragrance is another irresistible perfume any girl will fall head over heels for. This perfume is scientifically formulated to bring feelings of peace, comfort and serenity, with a warm, feminine floral scent to immediately brighten any mood. It seriously is calm in a bottle, and you'll love it just as much as she does.

BROWN GIRL Jane babia fragrance

(via BROWN GIRL Jane)


Dreamy Gallery Candles Seduction Set: $72

With so many candle brands out there, it can sometimes be challenging to find ones that really make an impression, but this Seduction Set from Dreamy Gallery Candles will really stand out. First of all, we love the bold names of the candles—I Am Divine, I Am Fuego and I Am Sexy—and the strong scents they emit are just as striking. Plus, these are wooden-wicked candles, so they crackle and flicker satisfyingly as they burn. She'll love burning one at a time, or burning them together to layer their fantastic fragrances.

Dreamy Gallery Candles seduction set

(via Dreamy Gallery Candles)


ArtSugar Jelly Bear Mini Purse: $75

If your girlfriend is all about heart-shaped accessories, both during the Valentines' Day season and beyond it, she'll adore ArtSugar x Reagan Corbett's pop art Jelly Bear Mini Purses. They're also available in orange and pink, with combinations of gummy bears and happy pills printed on them, but our favorite has to be this eye-catching yellow bag.

ArtSguar Reagan Corbett

(via ArtSugar)


Farmgirl Flowers Wildest Dreams: $75 

Any girl appreciates a beautiful bouquet come Valentine's Day, but not everyone loves the pinks, reds and whites generally associated with the holiday. We're big fans of Farmgirl Flowers because of the alternative foliage bundles they offer, such as this Wildest Dreams arrangement using different gorgeous greens. Maybe your special lady will love them as much as we do.

Farmgril Flowers wildest dreams

(via Farmgirl Flowers)


ArtSugar XOXO Tic-Tac-Toe $145

For the girl who loves game night, we highly recommend this striking acrylic game board featuring tic-tac-toe pieces in pink, yellow, green, red, purple and clear. It's an awesome coffee table statement piece or board to pull out when you have friends over. Plus, we love that the X's and O's of tic-tac-toe are reminiscent of hugs and kisses—perfect for the holiday!

ArtSugar XOXO tic tac toe

(via ArtSugar)


Roseshire Nightmare: $229

If your girlfriend is way more into Halloween and Christmas than Valentine's Day, you might want to surprise her with this awesome The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Valentine's Day bouquet from Roseshire. With its coffin-shaped box, it's as mold-breaking as it is romantic—especially with the 20 fresh roses inside.

Roseshire nightmare bouquet

(via Roseshire)


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