Streamer Valkyrae's New RFLCT Skincare Line Is ALL About Preventing Skin Damage From Screens

Many of us wear blue-light-blocking glasses to prevent our eyes from being harmed by  theblue light our devices emit, but why don't we put the same precautions into preventing damage to our skin?

That's a question video game streamer and content creator Valkyrae found herself asking after spending years in front of her screens for work. It took a lot of hours in front of the camera to earn the more than 3.5 million YouTube subscribers she has today, but she realized that all of that screentime was doing all types of harm to her skin.

That's what inspired her to come up with RFLCT skincare. The new line includes five unique products (plus a collection) that's all about preventing skin damage from blue light thanks to its proprietary BLPF (Blue Light Prevention Factor), which is like an SPF, but specifically for light from screens. In addition to preventing skin woes you from your devices, it contains all kinds of nourishing vitamins to further soothe and heal already damaged skin. It's available online now, and will be for sale at Ulta Beauty starting on Oct. 24.

As soon as we heard about this incredible new collection, we just had to learn more, and we were lucky enough to get to chat with Valkyrae herself about RFLCT, what the brand means to her and why it's so important.

Sweety High: As a professional streamer, how many hours a week do you spend in front of your computer monitors? What kind of damage can that do to your skin?

Valkyrae: I'm in front of a computer for at least six hours a day. Being in front of a screen for so long can cause dark circles, pigmentation, breakouts, tiredness and even keep you up at night due to blue light pollution.

Valkyrae listening to headphones

(via RFLCT)


SH: Where did you come up with the idea for RFLCT skincare? What makes your Blue Light Prevention Factor unique, and how does it prevent damage from blue light?

Valkyrae: I'm a full-time content creator and streamer. My entire career depends on me being glued to a screen. It was about two years ago that I started wearing blue-light-blocking glasses to protect my eyes, and that prompted me to question how the blue light might be damaging my skin. That's basically when I started on a personal quest to find a solution that would prevent damage to my skin from my day-to-day. I honestly couldn't find something that I loved, was easy to use, or even something dedicated to blue light exposure prevention. That was the moment I knew it was time to create an inclusive brand that would benefit anyone who used a screen.

To make it easy, BLPF is like SPF, but for the screen and anyone who uses a screen can benefit from it. The blend for RFLCT shields skin from the blue light damage by reducing oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, calming the skin and stimulating collagen. It is packed with vitamins and polyphenols that are used to combat cell damage caused by blue light and other free radicals.

Valkyrae with tube of rflct

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SH: Have you always been passionate about beauty and skincare? Why is the creation of this brand important to you?

Valkyrae: No, I actually have not always been passionate about it! It started about four years ago and I recognized how being in front of a computer and working from home affected both my health and skin. That's when I started working out, having a better sleep schedule, eating better food and having a skincare routine. That's why I wanted to start a skincare line to help prevent damage to peoples' skin, because I know how it affected mine.


SH: Why don't you think that more skincare brands are made specifically to reduce blue light's impact on skin, especially given the time so many of us spend in front of phones, computers, TVs and more?

Valkyrae: I'm someone who spends their time in front of a screen all day, every day. It's my job and it has taken a toll on me and my skin physically. I personally needed a solution at that moment. Given that the world is still getting used to being virtual, maybe it will inspire more awareness, education and solutions to combat blue light pollution.

Valkyrae with tube of rflct

(via RFLCT)


SH: Do you have any personal favorite products from the line?

Valkyrae: My absolute favorite is the Screen Shield Defense Face Moisturizer and I also love the Lip Guard Moisture Balm! And I also love the Resurrection Eye Mask. How can I choose? I love them all!

valkyrae rflct collection

(via RFLCT)


SH: Why was it important to you for your products to be unisex? What kinds of people are RFLCT products for?

Valkyrae: It was important to make a solution for every and anyone who uses a screen. Literally, any screen like a cell phone, tablet, laptop or TV is guilty of emitting blue light waves. It's time to prevent side effects like inflammation and redness.

RFLCT products were intentionally made to be unisex, easy to use and accessible no matter the age—nothing is more than $24.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Valkyrae: For gifting, or to trial RFLCT, we created the Screen Protection Collection that is an essential skincare edit for a new kind of screen damage prevention. It includes a mini Aura Facial Reset Gel Cleanser, Deluxe Eye Revive Gel Treatment and a mini Screen Shield Defense Moisturizer.

The kit is $20 and all products can easily be found on or at local Ulta Beauty stores and online.


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