6 Valuable Relationship Lessons We Learned From Iconic TV Couples

TV relationships aren't known for being the most accurate portrayals of IRL romances.

In fact, TV relationships are often either toxic and fraught with issues or unimaginably seamless and perfect.

However, there are still lessons to be gleaned from every romance, even the ones that seem utterly ridiculous.

Keep scrolling for six of the most valuable relationship lessons we learned from iconic TV couples.

Chuck and Blair – Gossip Girl 

The relationship lesson: Love your partner for exactly who they are, good and bad.

Chuck and Blair had a relationship filled with issues. They struggled to communicate effectively, often pushed each other away and weren't opposed to betraying one another if it advanced their own interests. However, despite all their romantic failings, no one can doubt that they loved each other for exactly who they were. Neither of them were the easiest people to get along with and they both had deeply negative aspects of their personalities, but they never tried to change each other or force the other person to conform to their wishes. Instead, their love was based on an endless appreciation for who the other person was, both good and bad, which is a positive relationship quality we can all strive for.

Gossip Girl: chuck and blair holding hands

(Gossip Girl via the CW)


Rachel and Ross – Friends 

The relationship lesson: A relationship can't exist without communication.

Unfortunately, our relationship lesson from Ross and Rachel comes from what they didn'do, rather than what they did do. As much as these two cared for each other, their fatal flaw was a total lack of communication throughout their entire romance. They struggled to be totally honest with their feelings, constantly pushed one another away when they were hurt instead of talking it through, and lied in an effort to spare one another's feelings.

Of course, all these things combined led to their constant on-and-off status, resulting in years of pain and anxiety for both of them. A lack of communication might create a high-stakes, exciting romance, but it also results in one filled with worry, doubt and insecurity. Communication breeds stability, and Ross and Rachel were always missing that key element in their romance.

Friends: Ross and Rachel staring at each other

(Friends via NBC)


Luke and Lorelai – Gilmore Girls 

The relationship lesson: Don't rush things.

When you have feelings for someone, it can be tempting to dive headfirst into a relationship and do everything in your power to build the romance of your dreams. However, sometimes it's better to give things time and space to develop naturally, instead of insisting that your relationship should follow a specific timeline. Luke and Lorelai are the perfect example of "good things take time."Although we all knew they were soulmates from the first moment we saw them together, they developed a strong friendship first, explored other romantic possibilities and eventually found their way to one another, which ultimately resulted in a much healthier romance.


(Gilmore Girls via The CW)


Randall and Beth – This Is Us 

The relationship lesson: Honesty is the foundation of any good relationship.

Although they're a more recent addition to this iconic list, Randall and Beth have quickly become one of our favorite TV couples. They've definitely had their fair share of disagreements, but it's obvious that their relationship has a solid foundation, which we attribute primarily to their honesty.

Even when they're not on the same page, Randall and Beth have a beautiful habit of telling each other exactly how they feel. The level of complete honesty that they've bred in their relationship allows them to rely on each other for encouragement, support and a dose of reality when they need it. While we know how important honesty is in a relationship, Randall and Beth are one of the only TV couples we've seen who truly embrace honesty in everything, even when it hurts.


(This Is Us via NBC)


Jim and Pam – The Office 

The relationship lesson: Fun relationships are the best relationships.

Like all onscreen couples, Jim and Pam had their fair share of issues. Not only did it take them forever to get together, but they also faced a few life challenges down the line as they dealt with the normal pressures of job switches and children. However, no matter what they were going through, they never lost the element of fun that characterized every moment of their romance. They could joke with each other, play pranks and just generally enjoy life together.

Sometimes it feels as though relationships are supposed to be serious and full of drama and romance. But we firmly believe that the best relationships are the ones that are just plain fun to be in, which Jim and Pam demonstrate beautifully.


(The Office via NBC)

Marshall and Lily – How I Met Your Mother 

The relationship lesson: Find a partner who's your best friend.

Finding a partner who doubles as your best friend is a common IRL goal. But really, when it comes to onscreen couples, Marshall and Lily are the only pair who truly capture this feeling. Although you can tell how much they love each other, they always act like friends first, creating a bond that pulls people into their circle instead of pushing them away. They're each other's primary confidant, they know how to joke around with one another and they're always willing to have fun together. The result is a romance that we'd happily copy in real life, and one that we're pretty sure would work out.


(How I Met Your Mother via CBS)


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