Vanessa Hudgens Was The Queen Of Rydell High On 'Grease: Live'

We have been so hype on Grease: Live since it was first announced and the show certainly did not disappoint. Good thing we tivoed it, because we will be watching it again and again until we're on our death bed. The true star of the musical was def Vanessa Hudgens. She nailed the role of Rizzo and these are all the moments from her performance last night that we need to talk about.


Vanessa Hudgens and Stockard Canning side by side as Rizzo

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Vanessa was giving us major throwback vibes to the OG Rizzo from Grease. She had her exact look, even down to the side eye.


Vanessa Hudgens wearing her Pink Lady jacket on Grease: Live as Rizzo

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We were picking up all the sass she was throwing down every time she rocked her coveted Pink Ladies jacket. We're going to need this whole outfit shipped to us immediately.


Vanessa Hudgens and Carlos PenaVega as Kenickie and Rizzo in Grease: Live

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Her chemistry with Carlos PenaVega, who played Kenickie, was, for lack of a better word, electrifyin'. Is it bad that we low key ship them more than Danny and Sandy?


She may only have had a few close ups during the "Rock 'n Roll is Here to Stay" number, but we could not take our eyes off her. She just glides across the gym floor with such power and grace.


Easily the most magical part about her entire performance was when she sang "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" and made us all emotional wrecks. Honestly, it was unreal.


Austin Butler's tweet about Vanessa Hudgens' performance of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" during Grease: Live

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Even Vanessa's boyfriend, Austin Butler, wasn't protected from having a good cry sesh during that performance.


Can we also talk about THE moment when Vanessa turned into a real life mermaid?