Vanessa Hudgens: I'm Still Best Friends with Ashley Tisdale

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale met on the set of High School Musical over four years ago, and they're still best friends! In a recent interview, Vanessa calls Ash "mega important" in her life.

"Of course I tell Ash some things I would never tell Zac," says Vanessa. "That doesn't mean that I have any secrets from him ‚but sometimes it's better to talk with a girl about some topics."

As for what makes their friendship so special, Vanessa spills: "It's very hard to find true friends in Hollywood. Most of the girls there are crazy, But it's cool if you have someone who are like you. Ash is totally honest with me. I love her so much."

It's amazing that they've managed to stay such good friends throughout the years!