Everything You Need to Know About VaultBeauty

Like getting beauty services done, but hate having to drive all over town to get them?

VaultBeauty is the answer you've been looking for. The app connects you, the consumer, with beauty professionals ranging from hair to brows to makeup and much more. Courtney Summers, founder of VaultBeauty, spoke with us and gave us the full inside scoop. Keep reading for our full interview with her:

Sweety High: How does the app work?

Courtney Summers: VaultBeauty runs on a location-filtered technology that allows consumers to find beauty professionals in a variety of categories in a specific area. You can then browse through experts available in your area—we allow you to read their reviews, see photos of their past work and contact them directly to book your appointment. It's perfect if you're traveling for a wedding and want a trusted makeup artist in the area to do your makeup for a party, or if you (like many today) have relocated and need a new hairstylist. VaultBeauty helps you find the service that you need with trusted experts!



SH: What are the main types of services VaultBeauty provides?

Courtney Summers: VaultBeauty is a platform that connects beauty professionals and clients, so the app doesn't offer services directly. Our professional network includes experts in various categories—hair, makeup, nails, lashes, brows, tan, wax, skin and barber. Through the app, clients can connect with experts in any of these service categories directly and find the best fit for their needs.


SH: Can you give us an estimate of the price of each service?

CS: VaultBeauty allows freelance beauty professionals to set their own prices, so costs definitely vary. The app doesn't take a cut, so freelancers are able to charge what they want and keep 100% of that price.



SH: What is the most popular service you offer?

CS: We don't have exact statistics available, as our categories are ever-evolving. We launched initially with hair, makeup, lashes and brows, tan and nails, and we recently expanded with wax, skin and barber. We're continuing to update the app to make it even better for our users. With that said, gathering this data is definitely a priority so we can enhance the user experience and make sure both the client and professional are getting the most out of the app.


SH: Why is this app better than going into a physical store?

CS: We recently conducted a survey during our live webinar launch event and found that 71.3% of attendees are nervous to commit to a new beauty professional due to the uncertainty of the quality of the service as well as the price. VaultBeauty takes all the guesswork out of the equation. Users can see real client reviews, photos of past work and prices prior to booking their appointment, so there will be no surprises in terms of quality or cost of the service.


SH: Can you get multiple services done at once?

CS: It depends on the professional and their workspace—we leave that up to them. Many of our experts are trained in a number of areas and offer services in multiple categories.


SH: Are you doing anything preventative in terms of COVID-19 and safety?

CS: We're currently in the process of building out specifics. VaultBeauty allows users to communicate directly with professionals prior to their appointments so if they have any questions regarding safety and COVID-19, they can definitely address those concerns ahead of time.


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