Travel Essentials for Your Vaxxed Girl Summer

While things haven't quite returned to the way they were pre-pandemic, things are definitely looking up. It's the Vaxxed Girl Summer we've all been waiting for.

If you're vaccinated and ready to travel the world (or at least, the country) again, things might look a little different from the last time you boarded a plane. But have no fear, because we've rounded up some of our favorite travel essentials for your Vaxxed Girl Summer that'll keep you safe, prepared and stylish every step of the way.

Vida Vaccination Card Holder: $20

Going somewhere you'll need to prove your vaccination status? Just keeping it in your wallet might result in it getting crumpled or damaged—or, worst-case scenario, lost completely—so instead, keep it safe in one of these ultra-chic vaccination card holders. The clear plastic sleeve keeps your card safe, yet accessible, at all times. It's also made with vegan leather and comes with a metal clip so it can attach right to your bags or keyrings, and is available in six colors, including this pastel pink Champagne Rose shade.

vida vaccination card holder

(via Vida)


Vida FDA Authorized KN95 Masks: Starting at $19.50 

Even if you're vaccinated, masks are not yet a thing of the past. And if you're going to have to wear one, you might as well pick one with amazing protection and multiple layers, blocking more than 95% of airborne particles. These five-layer disposable masks come in six colors, with a nose clip and ear loops to get a perfect fit every time, and are available starting in 10-packs, as well as in bulk.

vida fda refistered mask

(via Vida)


Vida Statement Pins: Starting at $8

Vaccinated and proud? Make a statement with these unique and stylish pins that share your status with the world. The pins are available in both small and large sizes, and come in two different sets of two pins—or you can buy all four if you can't bring yourself to choose.

via vaccinated pins

(via Vida)


Gentlemen's Hardware Travel Coffee Press: $34

Not every travel destination is going to make it possible for your daily Starbucks run. The solution? This unique stainless steel mug that doubles as a coffee press. Simply add ground coffee and hot water and wait for a big mug of full-flavored coffee. Even better, the mug keeps that coffee warm for up to five hours—plus it includes a reminder to embrace life's journey with letters reading "The Adventure Begins." Just make sure it's empty before you try to bring it on the plane!

gentlemans hardware travel coffee press

(via Gentlemen's Hardware)


glowoasis powderporefect minis: $33

Why travel with unnecessary liquids and worry about airport size restrictions when your favorite beauty products come in a powder form? glowoasis's powderporefect minis are travel-sized packets of the brand's beloved power-to-foam enzyme cleanser. Their vegan formula allows you to clear out flaky, dead skin while purifying pores in a snap. Just add water!

glowoasis powderporefect minis

(via glowoasis)


July Carry on Trunk: $345

While this gorgeous piece of carry-on luggage is pricier than some, it more than makes up for it in terms of style and functionality. First of all, just look at the case, available in Light Sand, Slate Grey and Deep Green. Secondly, it keeps all of your items perfectly safe in its safe polycarbonate shell, with easy-to-open latches (and zero zippers), integrated one-click locks, plus an ejectable battery with FastCharge USB-C. Its adjustable handle can also be set to 20 different heights, and its 360 spinner double wheels will make you feel like a travel expert as you wheel through the airport.

july carry deep green

(via July)


cocokind Daily SPF: $24 

cocokind's Daily SPF has been our daily go-to sunscreen for a long time now, and we think it's a must for anyone who'll be spending any amount of time in the sun. It's a safe, vegan, mineral sunscreen with great ingredients that protect from the sun's UVA and UVB rays as well as pollution and blue light while also nourishing skin. It's also super lightweight, never greasy and comes in a 1.7 oz., carry-on-approved tube.

Cocokind daily spf

(via cocokind)


Bearaby Travel Napper: $209 

If you usually sleep with a weighted blanket, you're probably aware that most aren't designed for travel. But Bearaby's new Travel Napper is a little different. Coming in five lovely shades (including this pinkish Evening Rose hue), it's a woven 100% cotton 10 lb. blanket that conveniently fits inside the included duffel bag. The bag makes it easy to lug around, whether you're traveling by air or car, and at 10 lbs., it's not too heavy to carry, but provides just enough weight to give you all of the benefits of a weighted blanket.

Bearaby travel napper evening rose

(via Bearaby)


Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes PocketBac Hand Sanitizers 5-Pack ($8) and Unicorn Light-Up PocketBac Holder ($9.95)

Keeping your hands clean and staying healthy is more important than ever when you're traveling, and no one makes it easier to sanitize your hands (and look super cute doing it) than Bath & Body Works. Their Unicorn Light-Up PocketBac Holder isn't just adorable, but it also lights up when you press on the unicorn's forehead, and while any one of the brand's PocketBac Hand Sanitizers will do, we think their A Thousand Wishes fragrance (smelling of amaretto creme, peonies and prosecco) is the unicorn's perfect match.

bath and Body works a thousand wiehs unicorn holder

(via Bath & Body Works)


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