Venus Et Fleur's Floral Arrangements Last for a Full Year!

Nothing beats the feeling of being gifted fresh blooms, don't you think?

The only problem is that they die in days. After watching them whither away, into the trash they go. But what if that wasn't the case? What if there were flowers that could last for a full year? That's where Venus Et Fleur comes in. The brand's Eternity Roses last for a year and you don't need to water them—ever. If you're the type of person who always seems to kill plants, you don't need to worry about that with Venus Et Fleur. The roses are perfect for gifting to your loved one on holidays like Valentine's Day and birthdays, or even for yourself when you're in need of a pick-me-up. Continue below to get a look at some of our absolute favorite offerings from Venus Et Fleur.

Small Heart: $329

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" quite like a heart-shaped box full of roses. With multiple rose and box colors to choose from, you'll be able to pick something out with your person in mind. The small box is full of Eternity roses and gives off a subtle yet divine rose scent. Keep in mind that these last a year—so go for something that matches their decor and sense of style.


(via Venus Et Fleur)


Le Mini Round: $44

A single rose might not sound like much, but when it's as gorgeous as this one in a mini round box, it exceeds all of our expectations. From typical rose colors like red and pink to others like black and gold, these roses are bound to put a smile on anyone's face. We also love that there are tons of box colors to chose from, meaning you can make it match your mood and home!


(via Venus Et Fleur)


Fleura Vase: $399

If you or the loved one you're shopping for is more into a traditional style, the Fleura Vase is just what you need. The handcrafted ceramic vase is white and holds 24 to 26 Eternity roses, available in a single color or even as mixed florals. It's perfect for placing on your kitchen counter, coffee table or even bedside table year-round. You'll never have to worry about dead petals falling everywhere!


(via Venus Et Fleur)


Le Clair Cinq: $189

For some people, a full bouquet of flowers is unnecessary—especially if they're into the minimalist style. If this sounds like you or a loved one, we couldn't recommend the Le Clair Cinq style enough. Available in an acrylic box are five Eternity roses. They're perfectly on display and are great for placing on a desk. Plus, there's a hidden storage compartment at the bottom for small trinkets.


(via Venus Et Fleur)


Small Round: $199

There's just something about black roses that feels so timeless to us, and in the form of the Small Round style, we're in love. If black roses aren't your thing, this is also available in a number of other colors. Plus, the box can be switched out for a different hue, as well! 13 to 15 Eternity roses fit in this box, and we love the idea of placing it somewhere you'll see every day.


(via Venus Et Fleur)


Le Clair Grand Un: $149

The moment we saw the Le Clair Grand Un style, we immediately thought of Beauty and the Beast. Whether you're a fan of the story or like the simplicity of this single Eternity gardenia, this is definitely the best option for you. Placed inside an acrylic box and available in three flower colors to choose from, you truly can't go wrong with something as beautiful as this.


(via Venus Et Fleur)


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