VERIVERY Talk About the New Message Of Love Within Single Album Liminality – EP.LOVE

Earlier this week on Nov. 14, the iconic K-pop group VERIVERY dropped their new single album, Liminality – EP.LOVE, marking a brand new musical chapter.

It's a very exciting time for the group, who just returned from their 2022 VERIVERY CONCERT PAGE: 'O' Tour across South Korea, the United States and Latin America, and we've loved being along with them for the ride. While the band's recent projects have been about learning to live with the pain and struggles within life, the new single album takes a lighter approach, telling a new tale of optimism and love. We had the pleasure of chatting with the group about touring and the new singles "Tap Tap" and "Motive," and they shared it all with us in the interview below.

Sweety High: You just got back from your PAGE 'O' Tour! How was it to connect with fans internationally?

DONGHEON: It is amazing to have more opportunities to meet our fans in person this year! I hope we have even more opportunities like this.

VERIVERY Liminality EP Love dongheon playful photo

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HOYOUNG: I was really looking forward to this year's tour because we had to conclude the last tour quite sadly. As expected, it was another memorable experience to meet our international VERRERs. I can't wait to go on another world tour.

MINCHAN: I felt great love from fans supporting us in countries that are far away from Korea, and I want to send my biggest gratitude for their love. I hope we have another opportunity to visit those countries again.

GYEHYEON: I was very thankful for VERRERs who waited and cheered for us in so many different places. Also, it made me want to visit many other countries.

YEONHO: During the tour, we were able to communicate and interact with many fans, and it was an experience to truly feel their passion and love.

VERIVERY Liminality EP Love yeonho playful photo

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YONGSEUNG: It was an honor to interact through our music and share a great passion with our international VERRERs whom we rarely get a chance to meet in person. I wish we go overseas more often to perform and communicate.

KANGMIN: I think it was a time to learn a lot and have fun. I was able to receive great energy from international VERRERs, and it was a meaningful time to fill just with our songs, unlike in Korean music shows.


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SH: What does the single album name Liminality – EP.LOVE mean to the group?

VERIVERY: We think it means a challenge. It provides a lot of meaning for us to bring back the bubbly image that VERIVERY established around the debut period. While we showed more young and fresh charm when we debuted, we are confident to show a more relaxed and flirty side of VERIVERY through this album.

In addition, we got to think more about love because we want to express our hearts and love for VERRERs with EP.LOVE. We considered a lot about different ways to express and deliver our love for VERRERs.VERIVERY Liminality EP Love shy group shot

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SH: What do you feel are the overarching themes of the single album and its two songs? What kind of journey do you hope to take listeners on with it?

VERIVERY: As shown in our album title, the overarching theme of this album is love. We hope you have happy days filled with love by listening to our album, and we also wish to spend your end of the year together filled with love.


SH: What was the inspiration behind the focus track "Tap Tap"?

VERIVERY: The title track, "Tap Tap," expresses the first emotion, love, that is faced on the way to finding happiness after facing the inner darkness described through our SERIES 'O' albums. Since the track's major theme is "love," we considered many ways and concepts to express that emotion. Finally, we decided to express love in VERIVERY's unique way.


SH: What do you hope "Tap Tap" means to your listeners?

DONGHEON: There are many things going on around the world these days. I hope it can be at least a small comfort for any hurt hearts.

HOYOUNG: "Even though you're scared and nervous, just express love however you want to express it!"

MINCHAN: Because it is a bright and fresh song, I hope many people have fun while listening to it.

VERIVERY Liminality EP Love minchan shy photo

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GYEHYEON: It's been a while since we performed a bright song, and I hope we can deliver our bright and fun energy to all listeners.

YEONHO: We're back with a fresh song after three years, so I wish all listeners to really feel and enjoy such bright energy.

YONGSEUNG: There are various ways to express love, and we're ready to express the emotion in our unique way. I hope you all enjoy our song and performance, and I also hope VERRERs fall in love with us this end of the year.

KANGMIN: I just hope people receive happy energy and have a happy day after listening to this song.

VERIVERY Liminality EP Love kangmin playful photo

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SH: How does the single album represent a new chapter for you all?

DONGHEON: This album discusses new encounters and love after a somewhat dark past, and I believe VERIVERY and VERRERs can all relate to this album as a new chapter in life.

HOYOUNG: I think some people would find us a little unfamiliar in this album since we focused on creating a vibe to match the new beginning. However, we will still try our best to show our cool side.

VERIVERY Liminality EP Love hoyoung shy photo

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MINCHAN: I think going back to the fresh concept itself is a new challenge.

GYEHYEON: Our previous albums narrate a journey to learn about and find oneself. For this album, the story is about a journey to find happiness, so you can think of it as the next chapter of the whole story.

VERIVERY Liminality EP Love hyehyeon playful photo

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YEONHO: I think it symbolizes a new chapter because the concept is similar to the one from our debut. Also, I find it very fresh to start talking about love.

YONGSEUNG: We have finally become VERIVERY that follows love after concluding a long storyline with a dark concept. You can expect to meet us in a completely different vibe with [Liminality – EP.LOVE], the beginning of the new chapter.

VERIVERY Liminality EP Love yongseung playful photo

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KANGMIN: I think the previous fresh side we've shown was as a newer and more immature VERIVERY. But now, we've become VERIVERY with more experience and room to have fun.


Sweety High: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

VERIVERY: To everyone who always loves and supports VERIVERY, we're back with the best album, as always. We hope you can wrap up this winter with our fun and bright vibe. Please give lots of love to our new album, and we hope you like VERIVERY singing love! Love you always!

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