Vertagear's Gaming Chairs Have Completely Changed How I Work at Home

Up until recently, the chair I sat on in my home office was a dining room chair, with a memory foam cushion on top of it for added comfort. It definitely wasn't ideal, but shopping for a more appropriate office chair was low on my list of priorities.

That is, before the team behind Vertagear got in touch with me. The brand is known for being a leader in gaming chairs—and since streaming games and working an office job both involve sitting in front of screens for many hours in a row, I realized one of their chairs could be the perfect solution to my problem. I was more than happy to check out one of their chairs for review, and I've been even more pleased with how it's changed my set-up.

The Company

Vertagear specializes in gaming chairs in both racing styles and more classic office-oriented styles, with a focus on quality, ergonomics and comfort. Their chairs arrive disassembled but are designed to be easily assembled by a single person, and are built to last, with warranties for the steel frame and chair parts, as well as a free two-year Wear & Tear Protection Program.

For my review, I was sent their PL1000 Pink Hero Edition chair, a pink and white racing chair created in support of the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer awareness. The chair sells for $279.99, with 20% of the retail price going toward the foundation.

Vertagear PL1000 pink hero edition gaming chair in office

(via Vertagear)


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The Chair

My Vertagear chair arrived at the front door in a big heavy box. I'm on the small side, so I needed a little bit of help getting it inside and into my office, and once I unpacked the box, I found that it was densely packed, but that everything was neatly organized and easy to differentiate. Next, it was time to start assembling.

The entire thing consisted of the seat base, a head cushion, five wheels, the back support, an Allen wrench, the seat mechanism, the gas lift, the foot base and a few custom screws. Some of the pieces were quite heavy, so I had my husband help lift and flip them for me, but I could have absolutely assembled it by myself, if I had to. The steps were easy to follow (with the toughest part being screwing in the screws after we hadn't aligned the back onto the seat base properly) and in less than 10 minutes, I had a fabulous chair for my desk.

First off, I was really impressed with the chair's look. While many gaming chairs tend to come in black or bold primary colors, this one is white and powdery pink, making it fun yet feminine. It also has a high backrest, complete with an adjustable memory foam pillow, and a super sturdy metal base, with armrests that are ergonomically designed (yet still allow the chair to fit under my desk when not in use).

Vertagear PL1000 pink hero edition gaming chair

(via Vertagear)

Of course, the most important thing was how I actually felt sitting in it. For one, the hybrid foam seat was 100 times more comfortable than my jerry-rigged dining chair. It's also quite wide, which is perfect for me, because I tend to shift a lot during the day, often crossing my legs in my chair, and this gives me plenty of room to do so.

The chair is also super adjustable for whatever your needs may be. You can change the recline angle (it goes way back to an angle suitable for naps, if needed), as well as move the seat up and down or adjust the tilt. After getting it just how I wanted it, I very quickly discovered that the position of the back of the chair forced my posture into a much better position. Not only does my back feel healthier after a long day in front of my computer, but I also feel more alert and honed in all day as a result. The chair is designed for long and intense gaming sessions, but it works just as well for office work, and now, I don't see myself ever going back to regular old chairs.

Vertagear PL1000 pink hero edition gaming chair front and back

(via Vertagear)


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Bottom Line

This Vertagear gaming chair ticks all of my boxes in terms of what I want out of a great chair. It's super comfortable, helps me stay clear and focused, and looks great in my office, too. Plus, with gaming chairs on average costing between $200 and $400, this one doesn't break the bank, while giving me all of the benefits of a fantastic gaming chair.


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