If You Love Fashion, Find Out How This Woman Turned Her Passion Into a Thriving Career

If you've read Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS, chances are, you're a lover of all things fashion.

With a multitude of girl bosses out there in today's ever-changing social climate and world of fashion, we always need a leader and source of inspiration. That's where Fanny Moizant, a true Parisian fashion girl, comes in to play.

If you've yet to hear her name, no need to fret, because we're here to fill you in on all things Fanny. First things first, she's one of the founders of a little something called Vestiaire Collective. Ever heard of it? Yeah, we thought so. The major online retail company is a platform to sell and buy pre-owned luxury items (think TheRealReal), ranging from accessories, to shoes, to clothes and more.

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After all, just because you have expensive taste, it doesn'mean you can afford the luxuries you so desperately want. That's why Vestiaire Collective is such an incredible place (especially for young people) to shop. On the other hand, if you are so lucky to own luxe pieces, the site is a great place to sell designer items hiding at the back of your closet.

As for Fanny herself, she filled us in on how her love affair with fashion initially began:

"I've loved fashion for as long as I can remember! My mother owned a clothing boutique in France, and on the weekends I would help her unbox deliveries and assist customers on the sales floor. I learned a lot from watching her work. When I went to college, I worked at a few brands, including John Galliano, which really reconfirmed my interest in the industry. So, after graduating, I actually went back to college to get a degree in fashion marketing at the Institut de la Mode in Paris. Shortly after, we launched Vestiaire Collective out of my apartment!"

After getting over our insane jealousy that Fanny lived in the fashion mecca of the world, we were humbled by her experience. She didn't choose to sit back and let fate take the wheel. Instead, she took the reins herself, shed blood, sweat and tears, and was eventually able to have something to show for it.

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Success doesn't happen overnight, especially when the world of fashion is involved. And that's certainly the case for Fanny. Obsessed with style from a young age, she had a designer taste on a baller budget:

"A pair of Dior kitten heels was my first designer purchase. I saved for months to finally afford them and wore them until they were falling apart. It felt so special to finally have a designer piece in my wardrobe."

Her personal experience and taste for the finer things in life is what eventually led to the birth of a thriving business, now known as Vestiaire Collective. In order to have a successful retail business, the customer's interests need to come first, which is exactly what this company does. Fanny told us:

"The fact that we're a global community platform is probably what makes us stand out the most. We have over nine million members (and counting) in 50 countries, so our members have the opportunity to interact with other fashion lovers across the world and get access to pieces you can't find on other resale sites in the U.S. For example, if you live in New York City, you can find inspiration from a girl who likes the same brands as you who might live in Paris or Hong Kong, as well as shop their amazing wardrobes."

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After speaking with Fanny, there's no doubt in our minds to join the community of nine million members. If you love fashion and have considered a career in it, look to Fanny for inspiration and courage—she's certainly not lacking in those departments!


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