These Awesome, Funky Wrap Shoes Changed the Way I Think About Footwear

Furoshiki is a kind of traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap objects up in convenient bundles.

Vibram Furoshiki takes that concept a step further. It's an unusual wrap shoe that's lightweight, foldable and super portable. They're also some of the comfiest shoes I've ever worn.

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes in jeans

(via Vibram)


Straight out of the packaging, Vibram's Furoshiki shoes are unusual. Instead of a box, the shoes come in a cloth traveling case. Like the shoes, the case also has a rubber sole.

Vibram Furoshiki Wrap shoes in carrying bag


Because the shoes are so flexible, you can bend them easily to make them super compact. Two balled up shoes fit neatly within the case, so once you're done wearing the shoes you can easily take them with you.

Vibram Furoshiki Wrap shoes rolled up next to bag


Once you unroll the Furoshiki, they begin to take shape and start looking like shoes. Time to try them on!

Vibram Furoshiki Wrap shoes next to bag


So how does Furoshiki work? First open it up, then stick the back of your foot in the heel and nestle your toes into the front. The side straps sit to the left and right, like wings, and wrap back around the ankle with velcro. In two easy steps, you've got a shoe.

Vibram Furoshiki Wrap shoes step by step


And while these wrap shoes don't look exactly like a traditional shoe, they're easy to wear, and super comfortable.

Vibram Furoshiki Wrap shoes on feet


They're kind of like wearing socks with a rubber sole. While I'm sure they don't offer a lot in the support department, I haven't run into any problems with them yet after about a week of wear.

Vibram Furoshiki Wrap shoes sole


So would I recommend the Vibaram Furoshiki? It depends entirely on your style—and whether you're willing to drop $110 on these funky, creative shoes. If you love the look and the freedom of not getting stuck with more traditional footwear, it definitely deserves a spot on your holiday list.


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