When it comes to bras, I think all of us play favorites.

Until recently, my go-to bra was an ultra-comfy black T-shirt bra—that is, until its underwire started poking my ribcage out of nowhere a few weeks ago. I considered replacing it with an identical piece, but did it really make sense to spend almost $90 on a bra that might betray me in the same way in another year?

And then, almost like magic, an email about Vibrant Body Company and their clean intimates appeared in my inbox. The brand specializes not just in comfy bras, but also underwear and tanks, with the added benefit of being made with only the cleanest materials. I was eager to try their products out for myself, and I can confidently say I’ve found a new favorite bra.

The Brand

Vibrant Body Company considers itself a body-first company, which means that it keeps women’s bodies in mind above all other factors. They’re committed to making “First Layers”—including underwear, bras and tanks—comfy articles that you’ll actually want to wear, rather than something you’ll want to peel off the second you get home. On top of that, they’re also free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be unsafe for human health—but that can be commonly found in clothing.

It actually took the brand more than seven years to develop the technology in their safe yet comfy bra cups. First of all, they’re totally wireless. This isn’t just because wires can be uncomfortable, but also because they work against the body’s natural shape. Secondly, the breasts are one of the two most porous areas on the body, which means they can absorb all kinds of harmful ingredients if they happen to be in your bra. That’s why Vibrant  Body Company products are free of all pesticides, chlorine bleach, flame retardants, formaldehyde, heavy metals and carcinogenic and allergy-inducing dyes. The result is intimates that manage to be comfortable, supportive and good for your body all at once.


The Intimates

Spaghetti Top: $49

I generally don’t wear a ton of tank tops because it’s chilly where I live, so I was curious to see how my Spaghetti Top in black would work for me. When I slipped it on, I was shocked by just how comfortable and flattering it was. It’s made of European silk, making it breathable and super light, with barely-there skinny straps that hold up the tank without digging into my skin. I also found that it was fitted without being tight, with a soft neckline that accentuated my curves while also being quite slimming. On warmer days, I’ve loved wearing this for lounging around the house, and I’m looking forward to the spring and summer, when I’ll be able to get even more use out of it.

Vibrant Body Company Spaghetti top in black
(via Vibrant Body Company)

Shelfie Tank Top: $59

After my great experience with the Spaghetti Top, it was time to try on the Shelfie Tank top, which features a built-in bralette for a little added support. I got this tank in Pearl, a gentle off-white color, and found that it was just as comfortable as the other top, but with a bit more coverage in the thicker straps—and of course the double-layered fabric around the chest. Not only did this offer the promised support, but it also makes the top a little less sheer, which I love. It’s perfect not just for wearing out, but also for layering or even sleeping in, and I’m not quite sure whether I adore this one or the Spaghetti Top more.

Vibrant Body Company shelfie tank in pearl
(via Vibrant Body Company)


Hikini: $29

Few things are better than ultra-silky, comfy underwear, and Vibrant Body Company’s Hikini ticks all of those boxes. It’s got a higher waist and full coverage of the back and is made of a silk blend that feels so good against the skin. It’s super light and breathable, and I’m a huge fan of the Caramel color. I can barely feel it on, and I may have to invest in additional pairs because only being able to wear them once every laundry cycle doesn’t feel like enough.


Vibrant Body Company Hikini caramel
(via Vibrant Body Company)


Semi-Demi – The EveryWear Bra: $89

Of course, the item I was most excited to try was their Semi-Demi EveryWear Bra, and I only had to slip it on to feel a huge difference. Firstly, there was no rigid underwire digging into me or making me feel uncomfortable, yet the cups managed to feel supportive and lifting. It’s also padded on the back, so the clasp never has to touch your skin, and has straps that I haven’t had to adjust a single time since I started wearing this brand because they just don’t slip.

But best of all, this thing is comfy. I honestly forget I’m wearing it until it’s time to change into my pajamas at the end of the night—and I’ve even fallen asleep in it more than once, and woken up without any discomfort from the bra. Bra sizing can also be pretty weird sometimes, but I found that this one was totally true-to-size. The fabric is smooth and breathable, and it’s got the sleekness of a T-shirt bra, without any of the downsides.


Vibrant Body Company semi-demi bra in caramel

(via Vibrant Body Company)


Bottom Line

I don’t have one bad thing to say about the pieces from Vibrant Body Company. I love the way they feel on my body, the way they look and the fact that they’re made without any harmful or damaging ingredients. And while their articles may be on the pricier side of things, I’ve paid more for bras in my time, without the promise of being clean (and with more tricky wires), so I’m more than happy with them.


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