Victoria Anthony's 'Kinda Into You' Is the Ultimate Anthem to Crushing Hard

When you've got a massive crush on someone, it can feel like every love song is written about you. Victoria Anthony's new track "Kinda Into You" is definitely one of those tracks, and we anticipate it's going to be all over everyone's falling-in-love playlists in no time.

The new song is out today, April 15, complete with a vibrant music video set at a roller rink and brimming with neon tones and all kinds of personality. We can't get enough of Victoria's voice and the warm, steady beat that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of falling for someone—and we got the chance to ask Victoria precisely what the song and its flirtatious lyrics mean to her. And, if you love Victoria as much as we do, click HERE for details on her West Coast tour, beginning April 30.

The Story Behind 'Kinda Into You'

Victoria Anthony: I wrote "Kinda Into You" about a crush, a new person in my life. I was just coming out of a rough patch and finally getting myself back. I met this guy and immediately felt drawn to him. I was so ready for a new chapter of my life and it all just felt so fun. When you don't really know someone yet, they're perfect to you. Everything is exciting, new and happy. It's like, "I don't really know you but I'm definitely kinda into you." I wanted to capture that blissful, playful feeling in this song.


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What 'Kinda Into You' Means

VA: "Kinda Into You" is my favorite song I've ever released. I believe in this song so much because of the way it can instantly make you feel 16, free and so freaking happy, like you have nothing to lose. The young infatuation "not quite love" feeling is what I was going for in the music and lyrics of this song. I hope whoever listens to this song can be right with me feeling all those butterflies in their stomachs. In creating the music video, too, I wanted it to feel dreamy and fun—I even learned to rollerskate for the video just over a week before filming! I thought it would be perfect trying something new and having that naive, doe-eyed feeling on screen which really captures the meaning of the song for me.

Victoria Anthony Kinda Into You press photo

(Image courtesy of Victoria Anthony)


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Victoria's Favorite Lyric

VA: My favorite lyric in "Kinda Into You" is, "when I'm stuck in my head, you drive me out of my mind." I love this line so much because I think it encapsulates the exact feeling of the song. No matter if you're sad or upset or whatever is going on, you almost don't have time to think about it because your head is full of thoughts about this person. You're so infatuated with the idea of them that all your troubles float away. It's crazy and naive, but it's bliss. There's no feeling quite like it.


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