How Victoria Anthony Channeled the Intense Emotions of Her Youth Into New Single 'Stupid Kid'

If Canadian singer-songwriter Victoria Anthony isn't on your radar yet, that's something you should fix immediately—and you should start with her new single, "Stupid Kid."

"Stupid Kid" is the follow-up to her infectious crush anthem "Kinda Into You," taking a more introspective, rock-driven turn as Victoria explores the intense and often overwhelming emotions of navigating young life and feeling like you're not in control. It's one we can all relate to—and we got the chance to catch up with Victoria to learn all about the track, its lyrics and what it means to feel like a "Stupid Kid."

The Story Behind 'Stupid Kid'

Victoria Anthony: "Stupid Kid" is about the pressing need for control when dealing with intense emotions at a young age. The song was inspired by a moment where I was "crying in the car ride home" from a music video shoot. In my personal life, I was not doing well, but my schedule was jam-packed with music stuff. My mom was driving me home from this amazing shoot day and I was sobbing. It was a mix of emotions. I was coming down from the "high" of performing all day. I remember being so grateful for my family and support system, because otherwise, I wouldn't know how to survive the inevitable "lows" which come after such stimulating days like these. The lyric "I get why people get high" popped into my head.


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What 'Stupid Kid' Means

VA: "Stupid Kid" is about growing up. I hope people take from this song that it's okay to feel helpless; we all do from time to time. It's more important and realistic to know how to fall than keep yourself upright forever. Without the lows, the highs wouldn't be as joyous. I hope my listeners will learn the same lesson that I have about prioritizing their relationships with people, as those people are the ones who will save you at the end of the day.

Victoria Anthony Stupid Kid cover art

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Victoria's Favorite Lyric

VA: I love the lyric, "Last week, when I was 15, no I didn't feel so alone…wasn't caught up in trying to be loved or someone that everyone knows." To me, this line represents the pressures placed upon young girls, especially as we grow up. The desire for superficial love, attention and notoriety is often piercing. This endless search leaves us lonely, sometimes even ruining friendships and opportunities. Growing up is hard enough as it is, the extra pressure of being perfect and "being someone" is just a distraction from finding yourself.

Victoria Anthony press shot green leather couch

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