Victoria Justice Cries Werewolf

Victoria Justice is getting spooky just in time for Halloween! The Victorious star is playing a teen werewolf who is turned after stepping on a vial of werewolf blood. Her character, Jordan Sands, is stuck betweeen leading a 'normal' life, and trying to reverse the curse.

"She's a normal girl in school, not necessarily an outcast but she doesn't have a lot of confidence. It's very relatable for girls going through middle school," Justice told the press.

When asked about her transformation, the beautiful Nickelodeon star joked about her appearance: "This movie, I would come out of the hair and makeup chair absolutely appalling, looking like a 'crazy, savage beast creature'…People didn't know it was me."

"The Boy Who Cried Werewolf", starring Victoria Justice and Brooke Shields, will air Saturday October 23rd on Nickelodeon.