Victoria Justice Dances Her Way Onto Seventeen's Prom Issue

Victoria Justice, star of Nickelodeon's 'Victorious', gets prom-chic for Seventeen's Prom Edition this month. The actress not only dawned dance-do's but she also gave tips on finding the perfect dress and making the best out of your prom experience.

"All of the outfits that I've worn have made me feel special in different ways, but fit is so much more important to me than wearing a designer brand. I'd rather find a really cheap dress and have it fit me…I think prom is just about enjoying yourself. You shouldn't have to worry about guys at all. It should just be about hanging out with your friends and having the best time you've ever had. And even if you don't have the best time you've ever had, you'll have plenty of good times in the future. I don't think there has to be so much pressure put on this night. Just take it easy and have a positive attitude, and you're going to have a great night either way."

..Thanks for the awesome tips Victoria- you rock!