Victoria Justice Gives The Deets on Her Solo Music Career!

Victoria Justice is ready to focus more on her music.

The Victorious star revealed to MTV, that after she finishes filming her movie Fun Size, she will be going back to L.A. where she is from to begin working on her music career.

"I'm going to be working on music for a little while, I think, until I start season three of Victorious. So even while I'm out here I'm just brainstorming ideas for new songs and finding inspiration, and then when I get home, go into the studio a lot," said the 18 year old actress and songstress.

She also explained how her solo music will be different than the songs she has been singing on her hit show. "I think my solo music will be different from what people have heard on the show. I love the music from the show– I think it's so much fun. But when I do my own stuff it'll probably be a little more mature, and [I'm] finding my own path."

Sounds like we are going to hear a different side of Victoria! We can't wait to get our hands on her solo album!