Victoria Justice Home Movie Shows Us Mini Victoria!

A new Victoria Justice home movie starring Victoria when she was teeny-tiny is now up on her Keek channel! We can't stop watching it!Victoria Justice Home Movie

"Watching home movies! Look what I found!," Victoria says. "It's little me!"

The video shows an adorable younger version of Victoria on TV as present day Victoria records it off the TV screen!

The video seems to have been taken just before a stage performance by Victoria's younger sister, Madison. Victoria reveals that she had acted in the same play three times before!

We also get to see baby Victoria showing off her signature eyebrow waggle! Some things never change!

We interviewed Victoria while she was on the Summer Break Tour with Big Time Rush earlier this year, and she showed us her eyebrow wave then, too. Check out the video here!

What do you think of this hilarious home video courtesy of Victoria Justice?