This Lighthearted Video Shows that Everyone Needs a Dose of Summer Fun

Although summer is supposed to be all about fun, relaxation and good vibes, those who work everyday don't always get to join in on the seasonal excitement.

Thankfully, these two police officers got their dose of summer entertainment while on the job!

Woman on Floatie in the Pool

(via Facebook)

After receiving a complaint that a homemade slip-and-slide was blocking a local road in Asheville, North Carolina, these two officers set out to look into the issue.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers quickly determined that there was no problem, and decided that they wanted to take part in the fun. Each officer slid down the slide the full uniform, happily engaging in the homemade attempt to beat the summer heat.

Click HERE  to see the video of Officer Joe Jones' turn on the slide!


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