Video Pick Of the Day- Bat Dog!

Scout the Shiba Inu thinks she's a bat! Silly dog!

Scout the Shiba Inu has a quirk… instead of turning around to look at her owners when she wants to go outside, this dog just turns her head upside-down!

Scout's owners liken her behavior to that of a bad. It must be interested to see the world from Scout's bat's-eye view!

Dogs have a number of behaviors they can use as an indicator for wanting to go outside. Turning their heads upside down like a bat is just one of them!

Some dogs just wait by the door and whine, but there are more sophisticated ways to be let outside. Some trainers even recommend placing a sleigh-bell near the door  that a dog can ring as a sign to be let outside!

Another fun fact: Shiba Inus are one of the few ancient dog breeds that still exist today. The breed comes from Japan, and the word "inu" actually means dog in Japanese!

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