4 Signs You're Entering Your 'Villain Era'

If you've been around the internet (or just TikTok) at all in the last few months, you've likely come across the term "villain era."

In many ways, it's a comment on our obsession with living life like the main characters we are, as well as on how a lot of us seem to be fed up with always being the "good guy" of our own stories. Enter: The villain era. It doesn't mean that you've become truly evil, mean, nasty or any other word one might traditionally use to describe the Disney villains of yesteryear, but more that you've stopped trying to constantly act like the hero. In that way, it's actually kind of a good thing! Wondering if you might be entering your own villain era? Here are some signs that you just might be:

1. You've Stopped Trying to People Please

For those of us who identify as chronic people-pleasers, it can feel like you've taken a dark (dare we say villainous) turn when you choose to simply stop caring. It's simply true that not every single human being you meet is going to like you, so there's no sense in trying to be different than who you truly are simply to make them like you. After all, if they don't like who you are when you're being your most authentic self, why would you even want to change their mind anyway?

Turning Red: Mei with her flute and case in mouth

(Turning Red via Disney+)




2. You've Started Putting Yourself First

Following the fact that you've stopped trying so hard to please others all the time is that you've finally started to please yourself above all else. If a villain era means prioritizing your own needs—be it through self-care, saying no when you actually don't want to do something or anything else—above trying to always satisfy others, then that sounds like the kind of character we want to be.

Turning Red: Mei standing up to her mom

(Turning Red via Disney+)

3. You Now Feel No Shame Asking For What You Want

If you're entering your villain era, you've likely said goodbye to your days of timidly dancing around the thing you want to ask someone for by simply dropping hints and hoping that they get the point, or simply hoping that the thing you want will come to you without actually taking any intentional action towards it. Now, you know that to get what you want, sometimes you just have to speak up and actually ask for it. Usually, the answer will surprise you with how easy it was to get what it was you were after. Besides, the worst answer you can get is "no" anyway, right? Life is simply too short to not ask for what you want in your career, your relationships or just your Chipotle order.

Turning Red: Mei Presenting powerpoint on going to 4*town concert

(Turning Red via Disney+)


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4. You Finally Feel Confident In Who You Are

Forget the days of fixating on things that you really can't change anyway, whether that be in regards to your appearance, personality, relationship situations or anything else. When you start feeling confident, your whole reality shifts around you. People will notice this shift, and more than likely it'll draw them even closer to you. Confident (not arrogant though, no one loves that kind of villain) energy is attractive in so many ways, even if you have to fake it 'til you make it.

Turning Red: Mei feeling confident with red panda ears

(Turning Red via Disney+)


So, whether you've fully entered your villain era and feel like it's here to stay or are simply starting to dip your toes in the darker waters of how the villain life can be, we've all got to admit that it does taste a whole lot sweeter than acting like the sweet, naïve princess all the time. Need a little help becoming your best villain self? Start with becoming more confident—and you can explore how to do just that the easy way by clicking HERE.