Lele Pons Reveals the 3 Secrets to Surviving and Thriving in High School

You probably already know and love Lele Pons as the pro Viner and Internet starlet who coined the phrase, "Do it for the Vine." But did you know Lele is also an author?

In April, Lele released her first book, Surviving High School, co-written with #1 New York Times Best Selling author Melissa de la Cruz.

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The book, which is loosely based on her own life, dives deep into the very real struggles of trying to survive all the curve balls high school throws at us.

Lele described the book to Sweety High as, "Unbreakable. Meaningful. True."

In our opinion, who better to gain high school advice from then a girl who has experienced it and written about it?


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Lele says there are three major pieces of advice every high school student should know: "Everything is going to get better; Don't be afraid to fail; Kill all the bullies with kindness."

And these words of wisdom come from firsthand experience.

"I was literally very spread out," she says. "I didn't have a clique. Not even the last year, because I was just doing my Vines so I was popular with little kids but to people [who] knew me, I wasn't the popular one."

When it came to classes, "I hated chemistry," she admits. "I wasn't good at science. I really liked literature and history. I had an awesome relationship with all my literature teachers."

Despite her high school ups and downs, she's been able to take her knowledge from the past and turn her passion into a successful career!

"You need to work really hard, you need to be consistent, and really want it," she says. "Do not want [what you strive for] for the wrong reasons."

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Pretty solid advice, if you ask us! Go forth, conquer those hallways and maybe even pick up Lele's book to see how she and her character handle the cliques, the drama and all the excitement that school brings!

–Reporting by Denise Salcedo

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