How to Make the Most of a Vintage Shopping Trip

Vintage shopping can be a tricky venture for the inexperienced.

Although there are endless possibilities when it comes to digging through clothing from decades past, if you don't know how to go about it the right way, you won't maximize your discovery opportunities.

Keep reading for how to get the most out of a vintage shopping trip!

1. Chenille patches are always a yes. Don't be scared to buy items and cut the patches off! You can always glue or sew them onto other items. I love mixing things up and making my own garments.

Vintage clothes and patches
(Courtesy of Caroline Bentley Noble)

2. Vintage Champion is always a yes! You can always find Champion online or even in your local vintage store.

Vintage champion sweatshirt

(Courtesy of Caroline Bentley Noble)

3. If it has a stain, put some bleach on it and make it tie-dye.

4. Levi's is the king of denim jackets and pants. Always check for the red tab on the back of the pants. Always check for care tags. They started to add them around the '70s. It lets you know when the garment may have been worn.

5. College is forever! Who doesn't love a cool vintage collegiate sweatshirt? Even if you didn't go to the school being represented, wearing their gear is a great conversation starter and a fun way to learn about different places. 

6. The more worn, the better. Who cares if there's already a hole or two—add more. Grab an exacto knife and get to shredding. Distressed is back and here to stay! 

Rack of thrift store jackets

(via Shutterstock)

7. Sportswear brands are always a staple. You can always find new and used Adidas, Fila, Puma and Reebok. I love the feel of older used sportswear and it's always more fun to wear the throwbacks. They never go out of style.


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