We Tested How Long Violent Lips' Temporary Eyeliner Tattoos Really Last

Makeup has never been my strong suit. I've always lacked the patience and precision to fully hone in on this craft.

That said, I still love makeup. I'm not big into contouring and all that, but I'm all for rocking a pop of color on my lips or lots of glitter on my eyelids.

The one thing I've never been good at, but have continually tried to improve on, is eyeliner. So when I discovered Violent Lips' temporary eyeliner tattoos in a roundup of unique beauty products, I immediately reached out to the company in hopes they would send me some to review. Sure enough, they did.

I sported these bad boys for an entire day to see if they'd last. Scroll below to see how my experience went:

I had a pretty full schedule the day I decided to wear these eyeliner tattoos. I attended an all-day Halloween event with friends and then went to a concert later in the evening. It was the busiest Saturday I've had in a long time, considering I usually spend my weekends watching Netflix and napping. But I digress.

I woke up bright and early in the morning to start getting ready, leaving myself plenty of time to ensure I applied the eyeliner tattoos correctly.

I started out by picking the style of eyeliner I wanted. I played it safe with one of the more moderate looks and went to work.

After I chose my style, I measured the tattoo on my eye and then cut it to better fit my eye shape. The corner of the eyeliner got super sharp after I snipped away at it, so it hurt a bit when I had to press it on my eyelid while dabbing it with a wet cotton tip. I definitely learned my lesson when it came time to apply the second eyeliner tattoo to my lids.

It probably took me about 15 minutes to apply the tattoos, but it didn't feel like it took that long.

Ashley after putting on Violent Lips' temporary eyeliner tattoos

With my eyeliner complete, I was ready to start my day.

It was strange having the tattoos on my eyelids. I noticed their presence, but it wasn't incredibly obtrusive.

The eyeliner stayed on all throughout the Halloween event I was at, though the inside corners did start to peel away from my eyes a bit later in the day. I also noticed them less and less as the day went on. I didn't feel like I had something glued to my eyelids.

I'm guessing it was because I skipped the sealing step—whoops!

Ashley wearing cat ears and Violent Lips' temporary eyeliner tattoos

Even after I left the Halloween event for my concert, the tattoos were still stuck on my lids.

But the real question is whether or not they would last through the concert.

It was hot as heck in the venue and I started sweating as I was dancing around. That didn't stop the tattoos from staying put. A tiny chunk had been taken out of the wing on my right eye, but it wasn't that noticeable.

I really was impressed with how well they lasted.

Ashley wearing her Violent Lips' temporary eye tattoos at the end of the day

Would I wear these again? Probably not all day, but for an event or special occasion, sure.

They're easy to put on and actually last all day. Plus, they come in unique designs that I couldn't recreate on my own. There's no way I'd be able to do a smoky glitter eyeliner without it taking me a whole day to perfect.

If you are really good at makeup, then you probably don't need these tattoos. They're more for people like me who have no patience or skills.

I do wish that I could purchase a sheet of the size I like, rather than being given two sheets of the four different styles. But maybe it'll force me to be more adventurous with my makeup? We shall see.


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