The Flash Heroine Violett Beane Talks About Her Life Beyond the Tights

We love a good superhero series as much as the next girl, but we can't forget about the amazing heroines who are just as much an integral part of the comic book world.

That's where our fave Violett Beane comes in. As Jesse Quick on The Flash, she is the perfect example of #girlpower within the DC universe.

As our #WCW this week, we got to know this rad girl beyond the tights and she is every bit as awesome as her speedster counterpart. Find out what she had to tell us below!

Violett Beane WCW art

(Photo Credit: Jinni J)

Name: Violett Beane

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Birthday: May 18

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. She attended a Fine Arts Academy for high school in her hometown of Austin, Texas. We can tell. Her acting skills are so on point. ????

2. Like us, she believes there's no such thing as enough dessert. "I love, love, love baking, anything from cakes to cookies," she tells Sweety High. "I love messing around with new recipes and creating my own." Hold on, she makes homemade mini-pies? We'll be waiting on that baking party invite, girl.

3. She loves traveling and being outdoors. "I try and camp or hike whenever I can," she says. "I love to be in nature and see new places. I've never been immersed in cultures I've never experienced."

4. Although she understands our love for dessert, she also loves to cook up a delicious meal. "I've recently had to adapt to a Paleo diet—doctor's orders—but it's been really fun coming up with meals my body likes to eat," she shared. Any girl who can whip up a good burger and fries needs to be our new BFF.

5. She has a bunny named Milo who would probably receive a World's Fluffiest Award. "His ears are floppy and so cute," she gushed.

6. She has a super impressive Polaroid wall collage. It looks like it's straight off of a Pinterest board and we ain't even mad.

7. She was a cheerleader in her early days. Can you say adorable?


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