9 Viral TikToks From 2019 That We Can't Stop Laughing At

TikTok, the social media platform we all fell in love with this year, had some pretty amazing content in 2o19.

Musical artists, comedians and more were discovered through TikTok, and we couldn't be more thankful to have witnessed it all.

At the end of each year, all of our fave sites and apps (like Spotify and Facebook) give us a year in review. And the same can be said for TikTok! They took to their analytics and found out the most popular uploads. Scroll down to watch the top nine viral TikToks from 2019.

9. Bear Suit Daredevil

In a bear suit, anything is possible. Imagine your reaction if you saw a bear riding on a motorcycle in the middle of the day!


8. Crocs and Shaving Cream

Whoever thought of putting shaving cream inside a pair of crocs is a modern-day genius. Besides the fact that they actually own a pair of crocs, we're into this.


7. A Wholesome Hummingbird

We're pretty obsessed with watching wholesome content. As for this particular hummingbird, we hope the little guy comes back to visit.


6. Kombucha Girl

Surprised is an understatement when we say we were surprised this didn't make it to number one. Kombucha girl is a class act, and we love all the memes that followed her viral TikTok.


5. This Cat Has the Moves

While we're typically dog lovers through and through, we wouldn't mind cuddling with this cute kitty. It's honestly too much to handle and we can't. stop. laughing.


4. Man Vs. Wild: Roach Edition

First of all, that scream has us hollering. But TBH, we probably would have reacted the same way if a cockroach (most of which do not have wings, FYI) came flying at our faces.


3. Swimming Pool With a Twist

What exactly was she trying to accomplish here? We may never know. But we love the content we were graced with as the result.


2. Banana Surgery

Videos like this make us question our lives. JK, but seriously, this has got to be the weirdest thing we've ever seen on TikTok, and that's sayin' something.


1. Elephant Toothpaste

Of course David Dobrik would have the No. 1 viral video on TikTok. His homemade "elephant toothpaste" actually looks like it would be fun to play in.


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