The Absolute Best Beauty Gifts for the Virgo in Your Life

Why is it that Virgos are next to impossible to shop for?

Don't get us wrong, we love the Virgos in our lives, but they can be quite picky. Their modest and perfectionist personality traits means that finding the perfect gift can be tricky. However, since Virgos are known for their love of beauty and looking good, we think your best option is something they'll be able to use daily.

Keep reading for the absolute best beauty gifts for the Virgo in your life:

Act + Acre Dry Shampoo: $22

Did you know it's actually not great for your hair to wash it every day? That's why we rely on dry shampoo so much! Act + Acre's plant-based dry shampoo is made with fulvic acid and tapioca powders, which are two great ingredients that support scalp health. In addition to this, the dry shampoo itself absorbs extra hair oils and provides the hair with texture. A must for the Virgo in your life!

dry shampoo

(via Act and Acre)


NCLA Beauty So Rich Birthday Cake Cuticle Oil: $18

In celebration of NCLA's 10th birthday, they created this special edition cuticle oil. And guess what? It smells just like birthday cake. Full of Vitamin E and safflower oil, your nails will be revitalized and hydrated. Virgos are all about organization and cleanliness, so we just know they'll love a product designed specifically for their nails.

cuticle oil

(via NCLA Beauty)


Wondergloss Pumpkin Latte Masque: $50

Fall is officially a few weeks away, so it's time to whip out the pumpkin! Your Virgo will completely drool over the scent of this pumpkin latte masque by Wondergloss. Packed with enzymes and antioxidants, this mask revives dry and dull skin through exfoliation and moisturization. The best part of the masque is its peeling capabilities—something Virgos will find soothing.

pumpkin masque

(via Wondergloss)


Bar None Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner: $20 and $20

Virgos are all about clean beauty, so they'll definitely appreciate the gift of a zero-waste shampoo and conditioner combo! These Bar None products were made specifically for dry hair, leaving you with healthy and restored locks. Full of argan oil and Vitamin E, this power duo will ensure you have strong and smooth hair.


(via Ulta)


T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer: $99

T3 hair dryers can be priced upwards of $285, so when we found out Costco members can get a killer discount, we jumped at the opportunity to try it out. Since Virgos love beauty but love a deal even more, this hair dryer is right up their alley. Featuring a lightweight design, they won't need to worry about their arms getting super tired or worn out!

t3 blow dryer

(via Costco)


The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter: $21

This special edition vanilla pumpkin body butter from The Body Shop smells absolutely divine. Since Virgos love their fall season, we can guarantee they'll obsess over this product. Featuring a non-greasy formula, this body butter is packed with shea butter, vanilla extract and sesame oil. This will certainly get them in the fall spirit!

body butter

(via The Body Shop)


Chi Rose Gold Spin N Curl: $78.46

Virgos are all about efficiency, which makes us think they'll go nuts over this curling iron from Chi. Since curling hair can be a long, tedious and often difficult process, this curling iron takes out the hard work and makes it way easier. All you do is place a small amount if hair on the top, click a button, and let it do the curling for you!

chi rose n curl

(via Amazon)


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