12 Memes Perfect for Kicking Off Virgo Season

Hello Virgos, and welcome to your season.

While we're all adjusting from the fiery energy of Leo season, Virgo is prepped with their realism and practicality to buckle down and get things done.

But we're here to provide you with a little break from all your hard work, Virgo. Keep scrolling to see 12 memes perfect for kicking off Virgo season.

1. There's no difference:


2. What do you mean we're not getting married?


3. Just applying our daily dose of disapproval:


4. Because it kinda feels like it:


5. Just want some acknowledgment:



7. We'll take some more of that:


8. Not down:


9. Worry sounds appealing:

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10. Excuse me?

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11. It just means they care:


12. Happy Virgo season:

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